Sunday 7 April 2013

Sunday Sundries: Did you know that it's really really nearly my birthday?!

I have a few things to say regarding my birthdayness, so this is just a warning that this post is going to be LONG. You can leave now if you have better things to do, but it's Sunday, and you know nothing good ever happens today. It's like, the rule of Sundays. ANYWAY, before I start, a teeny anecdote- my mum was driving me home from work the other day, and en route there are all these ADORABLE lambs (who I appreciate way more now that I don't, you know, EAT THEM and stuff. So much less guilt) and on said day, there was this one lamb stretched out on all four legs and bending and it looked like it was doing push ups! I thought I was going to die with how cute it was!
Just like this. This is adorable.
Anyway- this isn't a story I would necessarily think of as newsworthy, but when I squealed at my mum because of the cuteness, she was like 'you can write about it on your blog!' and I was like 'I think you misunderstand what I do here', but here I am, writing about it on my blog. Aren't I an obedient child?

BIRTHDAY TALK! Now. As I have actually not moaned about too much, I've been doing a thing where I haven't bought any books before my birthday. As in, for the whole of this year, I haven't bought a single book. It's kind of unbelievable how it's happened, and yet, it has. To sum up the whole experience- it was really difficult, and then it was less difficult, and now I hardly even start sweating when I go into Waterstones, although I do a bit. There's this fairly large part of me that enjoys depriving myself of things sometimes (this sounds bad... It's less self-punishy than it sounds, honest!) if only because, when you get them back, you appreciate them even more. 

One thing I completely didn't expect from the experience was how it made me less inclined to read. It's weird- and I really don't want to think of myself as a person who can only get pleasure from having new things all the time, but it feels like I only want to read books that I don't own, even though the books I DO own, I really really wanted to read at some point. Enter, THIS VIDEO:
Ellie tweeted this video a while back, and it's the truest of all true things ever. I love it. If you can't be bothered to watch it (I'm stunningly realistic about how often people watch videos people post. It's probably because I basically never do.) her basic point is- it's MAD owning so many unread books, and the excuses people offer about buying new ones when this is the case just don't cut it- like, you're building a collection? That's great, but collections have to mean something, and if you haven't read the books you own, they don't actually mean anything to you. And buying books is great because you're really excited about reading them, but buying, like, 8 at once? It's ridiculous because you'll read one and be really excited about it, but then the other 7 just go on your shelves and get less and less exciting as time goes on, and start to feel like the albatross around your neck. (You know which one I'm talking about. And if not, you should really fucking read that poem.)

So. The point is, hey, read the books you have, people! And then buy more, and be really excited about them, but in smaller numbers and only if you REALLY want to read them. I am so down with this, and I have thought about what to do after my 100 days of non-bookitude. And I think what I'm going to do is this- I really really really want to have a nose around in charity shops again, because IT'S BEEN SO LONG, but I want to be in control of it rather than having THE NEED FOR NEW BOOKS control me. The video lady (I so can't remember her name...) says that she'll allow herself 1 new book for every 3 books she reads that she owns, and that seems sensible, so I should have a system like that, maybe? I'd like to have a one in, one out policy, but I have a harder time getting rid of books than not buying them, so I just don't know. 
Here's what I do know- I think this book fast has been very good for me, and I don't think I'll go back to my crazy overindulgent book buying ways again, except for mayyybe a very few bad weeks (and by bad, I obviously mean really really good...) I am really excited to step foot inside a charity shop again though, and I'm not even going to feel bad about buying the occasional book because, guess what? despite my best efforts at being good, my mum doesn't even appreciate the non-buying of books! So that just sucks.

Anyway. That was pretty rambly, wasn't it! Give yourself a treat for reading it, if you did. Now let's talk about something else vaguely related to my birthday! 

Remember last year when I made a 23 Before 24 list (because it's what the lifestyle bloggers do, dontchaknow?) and then never mentioned it again? Well, I've kind of been working steadily away on it all year, and have actually, miraculously, kind of done most of the things on it! Or at least the things with a viable end point. Some of them are kind of ongoing, vague things, but I've been working on those, too!

I'm not going to bore you by going through every point on the list, but a few of the things I've done are:
  • Write more letters to people- Totally. Especially internet people. It's pretty awesome.
  • Keep a not wholly negative diary- Sometimes I write down things that I've done rather than moaning about my life. It's nice.
  • Go to a faraway English place/a literary trip- Oh hiiiii, Haworth!
  • Go to the London Natural History Museum- I literally just did this on Monday. It was pretty great. I'm glad it was on my list so I was forced to go.
  • Actually participate in NaNoWriMo- And I'm so happy that I did.
  • Go to the cinema alone/watch Tiny Furniture
  • Be more musically exploratory- I don't know how much I achieved this, but I DID discover Joni Mitchell this year, so... I feel like I won.
  • Try out at least one new recipe a week- At the time of writing, I haven't quiite done this yet, so I feel a little bit like I'm jinxing myself, but I have made 49 new things and I know exactly what I'm doing for the other 3, so... I'm declaring myself a winner, early. This has been the BIGGEST and annoyingest thing I've been doing this year though, but at this point I am DETERMINED to win.
That was actually more than I intended to go into, but I actually got a bit excited about how many of the things I wanted to do, I've done! I feel like, for me personally, setting goals is quite an important thing (I get competitive with myself... which is weird) for the sense of achievement I get when I complete them, but I think that it's important to keep them in perspective and not get carried away like I have a bit with the recipe thing. Like... if it's starting to piss you off and making you NOT do other things because 'shit! I have to cook!' then it's time to stop, probably. I can see myself making these lists for many years, but I CAN'T see myself ever fully completing one. And I think that's ok, and healthy, and normal. Not that I'd know anything about that.

All of that is really just a prelude to tell you that next week's Sunday Sundries is basically just going to be my 24 Before 25 list. You'll love it! It involves books, obviously.


  1. I love you SO FRICKIN MUCH in this post, it's not even funny. Sometimes it's like you're IN MY HEAD only more awesome and that's why I keep coming and leaving rambly comments all over your blog that always sound a teeny bit like I've been drinking even though I haven't. (IT'S JUST COFFEE I SWEAR! IT'S NOT EVEN CAFFEINATED!)

    Here are my thoughts:

    1) LAMBS DOING PUSH-UPS! Y'know what I like about lambs? When they do that little squiggly jump where all four legs go off the floor at once and they sort of twist at the same time so they look like they've just had the most awesome news EVER and are all excited.

    2) RYAN GOSLING RESUSCITATING A BEAR! Not quite as cute as a lamb doing a push-up, but close...

    3) I'm getting all inspired by your bookish restraint and Learning To Interact With Bookshops In Moderation. I'm actually not missing buying books AT ALL at the moment - though I AM willing to overlook the ban for the chance at a signed copy of an awesome book that I've got my eye on right now. No decision made yet. But other than that, which is surely an exception, I have no compulsion whatsoever to go book shopping. It's weird but vaguely refreshing.

    3a) This is helped a lot by the fact that Bookshop Boy is no longer Bookshop Boy, but Co-Op Boy. This means that instead of buying books to get my flirty time in, I can now go and buy healthy things like A Bag Of Apples or A Carton Of Milk. Cheaper AND less taxing on my shelves.

    4) Your 23 before 24 list is an amazing idea! I think you made that before I really 'discovered' you, so I'm really looking forward to this year's list. I used to have a birthday book - I noted my favourite things every year, like my favourite teacher, my favourite TV programme, my favourite song, some big stuff that had happened that year - that I kept between age 11 and 18, I think, but your list sounds way better. I may steal it, because gentle goal setting is really helpful to push me a little bit so I don't just sit on my ass all year wondering what to do with myself.


    1. Like I'm in your head but more awesome?! AS IF such a thing is possible, miss! I'm so happy you've numbered your comment for ease of replying (as usual :) )

      1) IT WAS SO CUTE! And just so unexpected and it made me all squealy! I haven't seen any jumping lambs yet (maybe ever? But it SEEM like something I've seen) but that will almost definitely make me equally as squealy. BABY ANIMALS!!!

      2) I found that gif SO long ago, and I thought I'd never have a chance to use it cause how is that relevant to anything?! But YESSSSSSSSSSSS so cute! A GOSLING IS A BABY ANIMAL AND THAT'S WHY HE'S SO CUTE!

      3) Isn't it so weird when you're like 'I haven't bought a book in a while. This feels... ok!' I am sliiightly concerned at allowing myself into charity shops again, but I neeeeed to because it makes me sad when I just pass them by. But, I know that I can do it, and I know, like, if I got stupid, I can just SHUT IT DOWN for a while and stuff, y'know? It's a good thing to know about myself, I think.

      Also I'm pretty sure I'm not actually going to buy any books for a while after my birthday, because it's almost like saying to my birthday books (assuming I get any!) 'YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH' and that's just rude.

      3a) Oooooh, Co-Op boy is he now?! Also you can go and buy sweets and stuff off him, which is clearly much better. Although it won't be as cute when you get married because bookshop girl-bookshop boy is clearly better than bookshop girl-Co-Op boy. But agreed that this is better for your book habits.

      4) Do you know, I was trying to work out the other day when we became like BLOG BESTIES and I just couldn't do it! I remember that I discovered you before you discovered me, and I would leave you comments and secretly think 'please be my friend you are awesome' and it WORKED somehow!
      ANYWAY! Basically I follow too many lifestyley blogs (my only rule is that they're heavily tattooed women bloggers, but even they... Have less interesting lives than you'd think. But I'm all INVESTED in them now) and they alllll do 23 before 24 (or whatever age) lists. So I'm just a big copier, really! I loooove the idea of writing down all your favourites each year though! Like, I know that next year I will be less obsessed with Les Mis, but it'll be fun to look back and go 'ohhh, I remember that obsessionnnn'.
      But anyway, yes, gentle goal setting is definitely a good thing- there's basically no pressure (except when you get REALLY CLOSE to finishing and so you have to keep going) but it gives you a gentle nudge to do things that you want to do anyway, but just might not be thinking about all the time. It's kind of like new years resolutions, only less shit.


    2. Y'know I actually said to my mum this morning, "How old am I again?" I just kind of forgot. I think maybe because sometimes when customers get arsy I have a tendency to go "I'm only 26, I don't have to have read every book in the universe yet!" or "Actually I'm 26, not 16, but thanks for assuming I'm only read cos it's homework". AND THEN I FORGET THAT I AM ACTUALLY 25. Because I rounded up too many times. And then I got really weirded out last night thinking "What the hell? I'm turning 27 this year, how did that happen? IT'S ALMOST LIKE TWO YEARS HAVE GONE BY AT ONCE!" *coughs and takes some deep breaths* But it's okay. I'm all straightened out now and I am DEFINITIVELY turning 26.

      Did you really find me first? Maybe you did and then I was like, "THIS LADY GIVES ME THE LOLS!" and I came and found you back. And then we got married and my tux was amazing and the rest is history. Don't you love it when these things work out? :P

    3. Oh Ellie. That is the actual best story. I actually had a bit of a moment at work today, like 'it's my birthday tomorrow!' 'how old are you?' 'errrrm... 24?' Because it's not even POSSIBLE I can be that old, and that's just stupid.

      I definitely did! I remember weeping at night and going 'I wish she was my friend!' I mean, not literally weeping. But I had to plot at being extra awesome so you would be my internet friend! Actually... Plot sounds creepy. Forget that I said plot. Forget this whole comment, in fact...

  2. Ooh it's nearly my birthday too!!! (well, in a couple of weeks). I should make a 27 before 28 list! AHH 28 is scary. Actually 27 is a bit scary. Hmm.

    Buying too many books would soooo be a problem if I lived in England. I guess I should be glad that I don't? I do have a shelf or two of unread Japanese books though, hehe.

    1. Woohoooooo April birthdays! I wouldn't worry about 28, it's 30 you REALLY want to be scared of (lol jk, you live in Japan so your life is therefore AWESOME ;) )

      See?! It's still an issue even in another language :) But self-enforced non-buying of English books is definitely a good idea, therefore I should probably move to Japan. Yes, this is definitely going to happen. Ahem.

    2. Moving to Japan would definitely solve your book buying problems!! Unless you learnt Japanese as well, in which case it would probably just make them worse because Japanese bookshops are awesome. Hehe.

    3. Oh shit. That's a point. I'd probably hang around in Japanese bookshops a lot anyway. Cause, you know, books.

  3. I have 'things to do before I'm 24' list as well! Although I'm not 24 until August so I guess I have more time to slob around and be inefficient... Go you for getting your arse in gear! I'm proud and slightly envious :)

    My list wasn't to buy fewer books, but to read whatever I wanted, regardless of how long it would take me to read it or whether I had review books to read. I'm actually doing pretty at that - I've reread five books (including Jane Eyre) and two super-long ones I'd been avoiding. I get how good it feels to have completed your goal, even if it was a fun and easy one like mine :)

    Super super huge congratulations for completing your list (or as near as damn it anyway) though. The cooking one is on my list as well and I haven't done so well on it either.

    Also, LAMBS DOING PUSH-UPS!? *dies from the cute*

    1. Oh wow, I've never seen that video before but it is AMAZING. I love that girl. I've never had any interest at all in stopping buying books, but now it seems like the best possible idea on earth. That girl should be a politician or something :/

      She's right though - I would LOVE to have read every book on my shelves bar two or so. I'm okay in the fact that I have read more than half the books I own, but even so. I might try and cut down. Something to think about I guess.

    2. Hanna! Are you competing with Ellie for the longest comment? I LOVE IT!

      Awwww, you'll get some of your list done! And if not then, well, your life sounds like it has the most stuff in it of anyone's ever (I've read your diary-style posts!) so, you know, you have an excuse! Not even an excuse, just like actual really good reasons for not doing certain stuff.

      Aw, that is SUCH a nice goal. I definitely don't read whatever I want to read enough, but sometimes thats ok e.g. when I want to read Little Women and To Kill a Mockingbird like all the time. But then I'm also like 'Arrrgh, I want to read Murakami but I've had THIS longer' so I read the less exciting book instead. Which is stupid. So I APPROVE of your goal, is what I'm saying. And most of mine were pretty fun and easy too, I have to say- one was basically 'get a haircut by an actual hairdresser' which is NOT AT ALL DIFFICULT UNLESS YOU'RE A CRAZY PERSON (which I am, obvs).

      Andddd thank youuuu! I am pretty proud, and also kind of surprised at how well I've done! I think there were only about 4 things I didn't do, and I thought it was going to be way more. It's really nice going 'look what I achieved!!' which makes up for the mild stress of 'argh, a list of things to do!'


      Hahaha, she SHOULD be a politician! I don't even necessarily agree that you should only have, like, 2 books that you haven't read, but I know that over 200 is just TOO MANY. She just really makes some awesome points, and it soothes me and I'm like yes. Yes this is true. I'm definitely down for some moderation when it comes to adding new books, anyway.

    3. Shall I stall reciting the Jabberwocky just to add some extra lines in? Or maybe start copying out Les Mis? Now THAT will take up a line or two. I WILL BEAT YOU ELLIE! :D

      Aww, thank you for the pep talk. I have got stuff done, just not the stuff that I thought I'd get done. Does that even make sense? :s I don't really mind though. I can work on my cooking next year, when/if I've passed the damn Bar. Alternatively, I'll go sit IN a bar and cry myself to sleep over my whisky. Cause you know, improving my recipe knowledge is THAT important :)

      No no no! I get that! I hardly ever go to the hairdresser and end up hacking away at my own fringe with scissors. Which is why I usually look fairly lopsided, but hey ho. Oh also, my hairdressers is quite literally across the road. As in, I CAN SEE IT FROM HERE. No excuse.

      I'd like to reread To Kill A Mockingbird at some point this year actually. Although don't you think that kind of contradicts the 'getting down your TBR pile' thing? Like, I really want to reduce the amount of unread books I own now, but I can't do that if I'm rereading! *hyperventilates*

      I just clicked on LibraryThing to check how many unread I actually have, expecting about 140. Yeah. No. I have 259. When did THAT happen!? Maybe the odd one or two were library books I never read I forgot to remove from the list, but that takes it down to 150 AT BEST. Crap.

    4. Yessss, just copy out all the bits in Les Mis that don't have anything to do with the main story. You know, HALF THE BOOK. (Sorry, I'm reading it at the moment. I'm a little bitter haha).

      Hehehe, aw, you're welcome! It just really seems to me that you do SO MUCH STUFF that you need to be reminded of that fact from time to time, and not beat yourself up over the stuff you don't do! (I say this because I do the same. Not that I do THAT much stuff that's important, but if I read lots I'm like 'Oh crap, I could have been improving my sewing' and OMG how is this helpful, me?) But anyway yes! You can indeed do that. Or any year. WE ARE SO YOUNG HANNA!

      There is totally an excuse, and that is that HAIRDRESSERS ARE VERY SCARY! I'm not even kidding. I basically just go juuust before important events (ie my birthday and Christmas and probably once in the summer when my head is too hot!) and that's all I can handle! LUCKILY I quite like my hairdresser and she doesn't talk too much and takes social cues from you, really. Which is such a RELIEF!

      You have literally just spelled out my ENTIRE problem right there, missus. And it's kind of another 're-reads are wasting time!' thing. But it's NEVER a waste of time to re-read amazing things! I have a classics club list thingy though, and because I'm sneaky I put a whole load of re-reads on it, which means that, if I want to re-read anything classicy, it's on the list and I get to cross it off and THAT is an achievement in itself! But I think it's also a thing as a book blogger I have an issue with, because if I re-read instead of reading a new book, that means I won't have a post that week and OMG THAT IS NOT OK! (This actually doesn't apply to a lot of books I want to re-read though. So that's a good thing at least!)

      Oh nooooo! I mean, you know, you'll be fine! But it sucks when you're like 'yeah, I have this under control!' and then you're like 'oh shit. I really really don't, do I?' That's what happened when I made a spreadsheet of all my books. It was SHOCKING. Which is good in one way, but also :s :s :s

    5. Okay NOW who's competing for the longest comment award? :p

      Haha, I bought myself a Penguin clothbound Les Mis when I was ordering your birthday books and I opened it when it arrived and read a page at random. Yeeaaaah... just a page of irrelevant musings about death. I've read the whole thing before and really liked it, but I'm seriously wondering if I managed to skim those bits or what :s

      Ohhh you're so lovely! *holds head up higher due to Laura's pep talk*

      Well my hairdresser's is my Mum's cousin. She's a great hairdresser but she talks ALL THE TIME about thing's I don't really want to talk about (public hair of 14 year old girls, last time) but I'd feel bad going somewhere else. Plus I only see her when I get my hair cut so she doesn't know me well enough to know not to talk to me. Wow, I AM an antisocial little freak, aren't I? :s

      I have one of those lists, but mine is Project Fill in the Gaps. I'm on 19/100 at the minute but I only included two rereads and those are books I haven't read in 7 years. Oh wow, that's scary. I read them when I was about 16 so I started typing '3 years ago' then realised that I am, in fact, 23 and therefore I was 16 SEVEN YEARS AGO. *hyperventilates with age*

      I don't mind posting reviews for rereads. It helps that I'm about five reviews behind at the minute ANYWAY so content won't really be a problem. Yeah, see, I'm behind on PURPOSE so I can reread! *nods*

    6. Oh yaaaaaaay having a clothbound Les Mis! Even if it is a LITERAL pain to hold... I find the best thing to do with Les Mis is skim the bits that aren't directly related to the story (spoiler: That's a lot of bits) but it's annoying that there are so many of those bits because I REALLY like the story, and the bits that are actually ABOUT the story are so awesome! But the other bits just make me feel too tired to pick it up and read it, like, all the time. Booooo.

      *Happy dance over effective pep talk*

      Oh MAN, that is a tricky hairdresser situation! I feel like everyone just needs a hairdresser who knows them really really well, so that you can just talk a lot and it doesn't matter, or you can happily smile at each other in the mirror and not have to talk. Otherwise, it's just awkward conversation or just sitting there in silence maybe even more awkwardly. ARGH THE STRESS OF HAIRCUTS!

      OH MY GOD, I do that all the time! Like 'oh yeah, I only left school about 3 years ago!' but NOPE, 8 YEARS. FFS, time! I totally wouldn't feel bad about re-reading books from when I was 16 though, cause I REMEMBER NOTHING!

      YOUR EVIL PLAN IS WORKING SO WELL! ;) I don't mind posting reviews for re-reads, as long as I haven't read them IN blog time. Otherwise I'm like 'ooh, can't read To Kill A Mockingbird again, I've already reviewed it!' Actually, that's a bullshit example because I read TKAM ALLL the time. But you see what I mean.

  4. That video is so true! And now I feel ashamed because I have much more than 100 unread books..... :(
    I love your goal of trying out new recipes too, I did a similar thing a few years back and now I love cooking almost as much as I love reading. This week, I have tried out four different recipes (and I used to be a fussy eater).

    1. Saaaam, don't even worry about it- I have more than 200, which is an absolutely more shameful number!

      FOUR in a week?! That is amazing! I am really proud of getting it done, but I also feel like I could have done better, since a lot of the recipes are basically just different kinds of cake, which is just, like, the same process. I think I had grand plans to make lots of new and different savoury dishes (especially cause I'd just stopped eating meat) but I didn't do that so much. But still, I did at least make SOME new savoury things, which I might not even have bothered with if I didn't have a listy motivation!

  5. Lambs! Mum wanted me to blog about washing the sofa cushions in the bath.

    I LOVE YOU x x

    p.s. your birthday eeeeeeek
    p.p.s. what's the Gosling/teddy CPR picture from?!

    1. WOW your mum sure knows what people want to read! (Although I'm sure you could spin a yarn from it. It sounds like it could be vaguely amusing! But it can't compete with lamb press ups!

      I love YOU! xxxxx

      ps I KNOW!
      pps I have no idea. I want to say tumblr, but that's clearly the wrong answer. Presumably it's from one of those films he made before anyone had a clue he was the most adorable being ever to walk this earth.

    2. Lamb press ups sounds like the cutest thing ever.

      I will make it my mission to find out what film Gosling resuscitates a teddy bear in & his feelings on Dolly.


  6. Happy almost birthday! Yay, it's almost time to buy all the books! Will you go on a book-buying binge before you implement whichever slow-down-buying-books policy you choose?

    I like this # before (#+1) thing. I would make a 25 before 26 but my birthday is in June and THAT IS NOT ENOUGH TIME. But I will think on what a 26 before 27 would include. I like your list: awesome things that are still totally doable.

    1. I've been thinking about this, and I just don't know! I think what I might do is kind of go on a charity shop binge, and see how I feel about ALL THE BOOKS on a case by case basis. So then it'll be not only a nice treat, but also a way to gauge how much I've learnt, if anything!

      Oh man, I've been making this 24 before 25 list FOREVER. Because it's hard to think of stuff when you need to think of stuff. And stuff. And THAT WAS TOTALLY MY AIM! Because there are things that I ALWAYS want (like, moving out of my house, and getting a good job etc etc) that is kind of out of my hands, so things only make it onto the list if they are achievable and I don't have to rely on anyone else to achieve them. And THAT is how you win at achieving goals and stuff!

  7. Oooh, I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Laura! It's my birthday in one month, but I'm pretty sure I'm turning much older than you will be. BUT, I totally want to borrow (steal?) your 23 before 24 list idea - except mine will be 30 before 31...crap! Why didn't I know about this last year? 29 before 30 would have sounded so much cooler.

    I am so guilty of buying way too many books that I fear I will never get around to reading. Second hand book stores and thrift shops are the worst for me! I ALWAYS find a book that asks me to give it a good home. I guess I could just stop going into these types of stores...huh?

    ANYWAY, can't wait to read your 24 before 25 list! (You young-in, you! ;))

    1. Aww, thank you my dear! And oooooooh, you're going to be 30!! How... do you feel about that? I feel like 30 goals is A LOT though! I struggled with both 23 and 24. But list making and goal achieving is still way fun :)

      Duuuuuude, second hand bookshops (basically just charity shops, is what we have over here) are absolutely my downfall, which is why I pretty much haven't been in any all year! I've been super uncharitable :(.

      Hehehe, I'm sure it will be very exciting for you! I do love all this attention for my list though- last year it was basically like 'oh, that's nice dear...' hehehe

  8. "And buying books is great because you're really excited about reading them, but buying, like, 8 at once? It's ridiculous because you'll read one and be really excited about it, but then the other 7 just go on your shelves and get less and less exciting as time goes on, and start to feel like the albatross around your neck"

    Ahh yes. That is so accurate. I have at least 300-400 unread books... I am the WORST at that! So yay for successfully restraining yourself! But have fun getting to buy books again :-)

    Your " this many before I turn this many" list sounds super cool, and GOOD JOB on kicking butt accomplishing stuff! I am just not that motivated. Yay you!!!!

    Happy Early Birthday! :-)

    1. Sarah, that's literally how all my books are acquired. I'm not like 'oh, I've read all my books, better go and buy another one!' I'm like 'LOOK AT ALL THESE BOOKS OH YOU HAVE 6 MURAKAMI'S? I'D BETTER GET THEM ALL!' (although the Murakami thing was a total one off and that was the best day...) But anyway! Yes. I will be very excited to start buying books again- hopefully I haven't forgotten how! Hehe

      Hahahaha, I'm so not ever motivated to so anything, but having a list that I can cross things off of makes me really happy, so... I kind of DO the things! It's way exciting :)

  9. First up HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Second, way to keep up with the book buying ban. And I totally agree with maybe not buying like 8 books at a time cos then the excitement on them wanes, even if the books are still awesome, and then they end up sitting unread.

    1. Thank you Miss Red!

      Isn't that so true though! I mean, I've gotten a LOT of books today (obviously) and right now I'm SUPER EXCITED about them allllll but I know that in a few weeks, I will have read about 3 or 4 of them, and the rest I'll be like 'hmmm... have seen that for a while now... What else is there?' It's SO WRONG, but it happens and ARGH bad times.

      (Side note: Ellie ^who's all the way up there, bought me Lamb by Christopher Moore! I'm excited but also TERRIFIED to read it because I don't want to not like it and for you to cry! But still, EXCITED!)

    2. Ellie has such good taste. and you should read it!! If you don't like it, I will just pretend I don't hear you saying mean things about it.