Saturday 5 July 2014

Ninja Book Swap Haul

Hey, guys! Look, another post that isn't a review of any sort. I'm doing reaaaally well lately...

Anyway, hush. Look at some things that I got! The Ninja Book Swap, for those not in the know, is run by the lovely Bex and Hanna, about 3 times a year, and you agree to send someone a package, and someone else sends you a package in return. I haven't joined in the last couple of times, because I'm dirt poor (nice work moving out of your parents house, me) but this time I thought, why not?

And that's how I found myself going to the post office this week to collect a parcel that was 'too large' to post (!!!). Before I show you what I got though, I just want to say that the person I bought for was LITERALLY my twin- she likes scandinavia, baths, and at least four of the books on her list of ten were books I'd either read or wanted to. My point (other than that it's kind of creepy referring to someone you've never met as your twin) is that these guys do a really good job of matching people, AND/OR that was a really creepy coincidence, in which case, why fight what is obviously meant to be?

ANYWAY- goodies!
Apologies for the arm shadow, it was just so nice and sunny on Thursday...

So the lovely Kelly sent my parcel, and she did a REALLY GOOD job! That's a keep calm and read on bookmark which I wholly approve of, as well as a teeeeny badge that says so many books, so little time which is the truest saying of my life at the moment, and then, you know, BOOKS. So there's The Waves by Virginia Woolf, which I am only the tiniest bit scared of (I'm pretty scared. Stupid Woolf.) and also Morrisey's autobiography WHICH, fun fact, I totally bought for my swappee, wanted to keep, massively, but managed to send on for I am a good and thoughtful giver. 

So. Not a bad parcel to get in the post, I think you'll agree! I can't recommend joining in on the next one (which will be halloween, I think) enough- you get to give AND receive books, what could be better?!


  1. I might join in the Halloween one, money situation allowing... I loved the first one! That is an excellent parcel - I highly approve of the bookmark, and BONUS FUN FACT I think I nearly bought that badge myself on Thursday and I DID buy two others with the very idea that they'd be a good little extra in Ninja parcels. IT IS LIKE ALL OUR MINDS WORK AS ONE, LAURA. Now, go and read the Morrissey book and tell me whether I need to read it or if it'll make me want to throw it (and him) out of the window. :)

  2. I am scared of Woolf too, you are not alone! I have Orlando on my classics club list, and it will probably be the last book I read.....