Sunday 13 July 2014

Sunday Sundries: Revisiting The Past, Not Thinking Too Much About The Future

Happy Sunday, guys and gals!
I'm in a slight state of disbelief that it's Sunday already, cause this week has flown past, probably because of this slightly disgusting migraine I had on Tuesday that resulted in a lot of laying down and a crapload of TV watching that made up most of my week. What this means, realistically, is that I've now seen season one of Orphan Black (SO GOOD, YOU GUYS, why aren't you watching this?!), season one of Black Mirror (also amazing. I watched Season Two about a year and a half ago, so talk about the wrong way round, but whatever) and haven't read the assigned chapters of How To Build A Girl because reading HURTS when you have a migraine, guys.

Plus, Orphan Black.
However. In spite of the inactivity of most of this week (not that watching TV in bed isn't a totally worthy pursuit. It's awesome) I still have so much to report to you guys! Well, sort of. Firstly is that my weekend in Bristol was a total success, in that I had muchos great catching up time with my friend Justine (we watched a lot of TV. Obviously), we jog-walked the race for life with a totally respectable time of arouuund 45 minutes (they started the clock before WE started so it's hard to tell exactly how long it took. But 45 minutes sounds good for me!), had literally the greatest lunch ever (at this place. If you're ever in Bristol... Let me know, and we'll lunch there), got a free sample of cider, because Bristol, AND managed to see most of the Wimbledon final where Federer didn't win. But you can't have everything.

Overall, it was a completely satisfying weekend, and weirdly restful, even though we did quite a lot. I enjoy this feeling very much.

THIS WEEKEND- so yesterday I went up to London with my sister because we both wanted to go to the V&A Museum of Childhood because there's a Jacqueline Wilson exhibition on. Jacqueline Wilson is essentially my favourite children's writer, I probably wouldn't have loved reading nearly as much if her books hadn't existed, and, let's be real, I would read any of her books at any time, even now (in fact, I bought a new one yesterday because of course I did). I was a little bit underwhelmed by the museum itself, in that they had stuff in the display cases from like 10 years ago (actually, they had stuff from 2013) and there wasn't any kind of like, social history of toys or anything, just a description of how they worked and it actually reminded me that I don't even like the V&A that much for similar reasons- it's basically just a load of STUFF and doesn't require you to think very much.

As for the exhibition though? It was good- it was awesome to see some of Wilson's early diary entries, some of her articles for Jackie magazine, and letters from editors suggesting changes to her work that showed quite well how the editing process happened. Obviously not all of her books had their own displays (there are so many of them!) but most of the ones that did were newer ones I hadn't read, so anything about them was kind of lost on me, but there was a display on The Illustrated Mum (my favourite forever and ever) so that pacified me a lot. The only thing I would say about it is that, since it's the museum of childhood, the exhibition is pretty much aimed directly at children. I don't know why this surprised me, but it did a bit, and it was a little bit jarring reading things like 'maybe you'll be a famous writer when you grow up!' and 'How would you like your house to look if you were a grown up?' WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I'M NOT A GROWN UP NOW?! Shut up, V&A.

But anyway. Fun was had all round, and then we went shopping and that was cool too. I had an incident where I said 'MOOMINS!" a little bit loudly in Foyles and made both members of staff look up, but whatever, I'm sure they just thought I was awesome. Obviously.

So! I did some stuff and yay summer for getting me out of the house! Nothing like it. I've got the next week off work (SO EXCITING) and I'm going to meet Rainbow Rowell tomorrow (EVEN MORE EXCITING! AND NERVE MAKING FOR ME BECAUSE I'M A LOSER) and probably see Bex on Friday and FRANCES is coming to stay (and meet Rainbow Rowell) and everything is just going to be the best. And then you'll get another long post like this next Sunday too, YOU LUCKY THINGS!
God, I love summer. Have amazing weeks you guyyyyyys!


  1. I want to start Orphan Black! I've been intrigued ever since Kayleigh did a post on it a while back, but you know... I'm the laziest when it comes to watching things. Which makes no sense, because watching things is kind of being lazy in of itself... but I guess when I'm feeling lazy I take naps or read, so I never end up watching the things I want to watch... Oy. I'll get to it eventually.

    AND OMG MEETING RAINBOW ROWELL. I'm super jealous over here Laura! At least I'll have Landline to comfort myself with later I guess. Hmph.

    1. I think it was Kayleigh's post that made me really want to watch Orphan Black! Like, I already wanted to watch it a bit, but then I was like 'I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE'. It's really so so so so so good. Worth giving up some reading time for ;)

      I'm so excited and weirdly nervouuuus! *jitters around a little bit* I'm sure it'll be awesome though :D

  2. Orphan Black? Black Mirror? I know not of what you speak. Must investigate my Netflix account immediately!

    Oh, wow, you get to meet Rainbow Rowell tomorrow? (Or perhaps today, by the time I'ma ctually writing this?) THAT IS SO COOL. Be sure to mention Alice, it will earn you all kinds of bonus points.

    1. So Black Mirror is this British series (there are literally a total of 6 episodes at the moment) and it's kind of like 'what if technology goes too far, how would people react, what does it tell us about us right now?' ETC only it's more awesome than I've made that sound. And it's on English Netflix so hoooopefully will be on the US one too. Orphan Black though... I haven't been able to find via any reputable sources on the internet. If you catch my drift.

      RAINBOOOOOOOW! I'm totally planning on mentioning Alice... Like 'Rainbow! It's me! I talk to you on twitter sometimes! And I know ALICE, you know?' This is going to be weird, isn't it..?

  3. YES I want to hear about all the Rainbowy goodness, and make sure there are pictures of all the shenanigans this week please because sometimes us Northern lasses need to catch up with our Southern friends... y'know... PICTORIALLY. I'm fairly sure there's a better way of putting that but my brain's not letting it happen right now because SUNDAY. *yawns and rolls over into a ray of sunlight* *wonders if she should maybe get off the floor at some point*

    1. SHENANIGANS. Yes. I will try to get all snap happy, but you know, efforts and whatnot. Although there will probably be baby pics as long as I get my shit together and actually get a train ticket to Kent and whatnot...

      Oh Sunday. You're so fucking beautiful.

  4. You're going to meet Rainbow Rowell! Aaaaah so envious.
    I'm only on the 4th episode of Orphan Black, and I'm so hooked.
    Enjoy your week off! I love that you'll meet up with our fellow bloggers. Have fun, all of you!

    1. YES TO ALL OF THESE THINGS! (Orphan Black is so the amazingest. I love it so.)

  5. I'm so jealous of you getting to meet Rainbow Rowell. I see youve been tweeting her?! Im devouring Fangirl right now and might well have to buy Landline in the next few days...
    Also hooray for seeing me on Friday! :-D

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  7. I remember going to some children's museum (science maybe? prob) and having the same reaction. STOP ASKING ME WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP. I AM NOT TOO OLD FOR THIS.

    I should really start Orphan Black