Sunday 27 July 2014

Sunday Sundries

I am feeling a bit of a creativity lull this Sunday after a week of extra work (ugh) and myriad hospital visits, so I shall be revisiting a format that you've seen before and we'll all pretend we enjoy it. The salient points of the week are:

  • MY COUSIN IS BEING INDUCED TODAY!!!!!!!- This is everything. This is all we will be thinking about. I'm pretty excited that there will be a baby in the next few days, or maybe even today!
  • My dad is still in hospital- in fact, the same hospital my cousin will be induced in! Will I sneak down to see the baby? Well... Probably not, really. But I'll try. But anyway, it looks like he's going to be in for at least a couple more weeks, so there is where I shall spend many of my leisure hours. Sigh.
  • I did have a bit of fun this week- the housemates (plus housemate's boyfriend) and I had a really good BBQ on Thursday night, where teasing the vegetarian was mostly restrained and I had time to reflect on how much I'm going to bloody miss my housemate when she leaves (it is SO MUCH. As well as being my housemate, we have been friends since we were 5. SOB.)
Annnnnd, that's kind of it. But here's another installment offffffffffff:

Right Now I Am...

Listening to: Ok, so technically the summer breeze? But musically, at the moment, I'm pretty much just going through the music on my phone and letting that shit shuffle. So I guess I'm kind of ambivalent to any particular artist at the moment, but never to music in general.

Having said that, I have just started playing Joni Mitchell on my computer, so... It's always Joni.

Reading: So yesterday (but really, like, an hour ago) my housemate was horrified that I had brought two books downstairs with me to read in the garden, because reading two books is ridiculous, apparently. Of course I'm not only reading two books, so the real answer to this is TOO MANY THINGS. But the formal list?
The Women's Room by Marilyn French (because I've been reading this too too long, so I'm trying to finish it)
The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King (because, obviously)
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (because one needs a little e-something to read on the train)
How To Build A Girl by Caitlin Moran (because, READALONG!)
As Always Julia: The Letters of Julia Child and Avis De Voto (because it lives by my bed and I claim to be reading it even though I'm reaaaally not)
SO MANY WOMEN, amiright?!

Eating: I keep grilling many vegetables and then having them with some hummus and usually cheese and either doritos or kettle chips and it's pretty much the best way to live. Summer forever.

Watching: I'm currently in the middle of watching *deep breath* Breaking Bad, Orphan Black, House of Cards, the final season of True Blood, Pokemon (not even kidding, I love it, shut up). But since I'm mostly at work/at the hospital/in the garden, I haven't really been watching anything much and that is fine with me. What is winter for anyway? 

Making: In theory, I'm making a baby blanket, but that child is coming so fast that I'm not even worrying about rushing it because there's no way it's going to be ready in time. I'll be happy if it's ready by about September, when a baby could possibly need a blanket again.

Planning: A way to buy all the books I need for my Masters for the smallest possible amount of money. The theory: charity shops. The reality: going to all the charity shops in Twickenham yesterday in the sweltering heat and not finding any Shakespeare. This could be interesting.

Feeling: So so so so incredibly hot. Attic living is not suited for summer (or winter, but we won't get into that right now) and oh the sweating. However- I am loath to complain because I am not a fan of winter in any way, so I'm appreciating the sweating. Sort of.

Loving: the garden, only working 3 days a week, reading as much as I possibly can (which hasn't always been my MO this year), ice cream, lazy Saturdays with abandoning housemates.

Wanting: The summer to just be forever. Guess I should probably just move to California, huh?

Thinking: About how I'm actually going to have to do this whole Masters thing now that I'm on the course, have paid my deposit, and think about it about 5,000 times a day. AGHHHH/EEEEEEE! 

Looking forward to: Meeting that damn baby, getting my papa out of hospital, a lot more garden reading, and general summer frolicking. Because SUMMER!

That, I think, pretty much covers it. Hilarious parallels with my last one of these can be drawn because IT'S ALL THE SAME STUFF. But, consistency when you're fairly happy is a good thing, I think. 

What about you, my pretties?


  1. Dude, Penguin Popular Classics. The easy way to acquire Shakespeare for nowhere near as much as the other editions with fancy introductions. INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL IS WHAT ONLINE IS FOR. Also awwww, baby. Also I'm sorry your dad's still in hospital, that sucks for everybody. Also attics are the worrrrst at this time of year. I think our house may have originally been a bungalow, from the weird shape of the upstairs rooms, which MEANS I'm technically in the attic which MEANS that no matter how long the fan is running and how many windows are open, IT IS ALWAYS A SAUNA UP HERE. I feel your pain, is what I'm saying. Especially now I'm decorating and spending days sanding and painting and heaving furniture around. TOO HOT.

    1. But Ellieeeee there are all these SUGGESTED editions and I'm like yes, yes I should probably buy you. ISSUES. Hospital times do suck, but I at least got to go and see my early-stages-of-labour cousin yesterday which I wouldn't have otherwise. It's all relative, really.

      ATTICS ARE SO BAD. Hanna and I had to sympathise on twitter about how terrible are rooms are at like 2am the other night because it was TOO HOT TO SLEEP. However... It's still the best room in the house. And by best, I obviously mean the biggest :D

  2. Sad face for your dad still being in the hospital, I hope that gets better, but YAY a new baby! New babies are always exciting, and I don't even like kids. But babies are adorable and squishy and the sweetest, so enjoy that.

    And yes, you SHOULD move to California. We'd still be like 3000 miles away from each other, but a road trip meeting would at least be POSSIBLE, right?

    Oh, and are you liking Americanah? Oh I hope so. If not, just lie to me, it's okay.

    1. Babies are literally the best. I don't really have time for anyone who doesn't think babies are the best :) Just, you know, CUDDLES!!!!

      Hahaha, we'd probably be literally the same distance away, but you're right, there would be no pesky ocean to contend with!

      I really am liking Americanah! I haven't read much of it because it's basically just my train book and I spend way more time walking to work than being on the train (SIGH) but I really like it a lot!

  3. Blergh hospital sucks the most! I keep looking at Americanah in the library and not picking it up... Is it good? Theoretically I may be in Ealing next Wednesday or Thursday, do you want to Foyles with me? :-)

    1. Americanah IS really good! See above re: not having read much of it, but I can already tell it's one of the good guys :)

      Is that next Wednesday/Thursday as in the 6th/7th Aug? I am working on the Thursday (booo) but can totally do the Wednesday! (I can also do this Wednesday but not Thursday. If that's the week you meant lol)

    2. Yeah 6th/7th :-) ok well I'll see what happens as we still have to sort a couple of things so it's not definite yet but I'll text you :-)

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  4. Good luck to your cousin, keep us updated :)

    1. I will do! I know she's having a harder time of it than me, but THE WAITING IS KILLING ME, SAM!

  5. I hope your dad gets better soon, and best of luck to your cousin!
    About the books, may I suggest The Last Bookshop in Oxford or Bristol? They always have a great selection on Shakespeare as well as plenty of poetry analysis books. All their books are brand new and cost £3!

    1. Thank you, and thank you!

      You may suggest those things indeed, especially since my best friend lives in Oxford! I may need to pay her a visit soooon... (also there's something called a £2 bookshop, I understand? I need to go to there)

    2. That's the one I mean! Sadly, they've recently raised their prices to £3...

  6. I'm reading Americanah too! Yay! Americanah buddies! Or something slightly less lame!

    Also I don't think I said this before, but the masters is so exciting!!! YAY! :D