Sunday 3 August 2014

Sunday Sundries: Oh, wow

Do you ever get to a point in your life where literally everything has been happening at the same time, and so many huge things are going on that each new one just kind of feels like white noise on top of white noise on top of... Well, you get the idea. And when you reach this point, each new thing is kind of welcomed with an 'eh' rather than a 'woah'? Yeah, basically I'm a little burnt out on new stuff happening.

To be fair (and slightly more specific)- most of these big things aren't technically happening to me. So, hey, remember how I said my cousin was having a baby? SHE HAD A BABY- so, much bigger for her than for me. 
Still pretty big for me

Also this week, my beloved housemate/friend moved out officially (booo) and an Australian man has taken her place (as I write this, I have met him for approximately 5 minutes... He seems very nice!) which makes me officially queen of the house. Which I can't complain about. Again, this house move is bigger for both of them, but am I totally affected? I am. Am I acting like Becci (said ex-housemate, current friend) is dying? A little bit (quote of the week: "This will be my last Yum Yum Tree [our favourite chinese] ever." "I'M NOT DYING.")

And that's just this week, really. Over the last month I've moved workplaces, tied down that whole Masters dealy (i.e. I paid a deposit, so now I really have to do it) have been to the hospital way more times than I'd like, and really the fact that I've just kept on trucking is sort of impressive to me. I have been known to buckle under the pressure of a lot of change, but maybe when that change is in the right directions*, or at least in directions I don't mind turning, then it's all ok.

Or maybe I'm just kidding myself and will have an inevitable nervous breakdown when things have calmed down somewhat. But I don't think that's how it's going to go. 

So, to sum up, things are happening and I am ok with them but if things could maybe happen a little bit less then that would be good and I would be ok with that, too. Basically, this is sort of an information post, but it's mostly here to stop me from ranting about the whole Israel thing because maaaaan do I have some fairly not-well-informed-politically, but morally-well-informed opinions on that whole mess. I try to save those kind of rants for people I know in life, just to keep them on their toes. Or something.

(Here's what I will say- how can America sell many, many arms to Israel and then go 'naughty Israel! You probably shouldn't do that or something but here you go, have another tank, shhhh'? Pluuuus many more thoughts. You don't want them all. You just don't.)

May your weeks be wonderful, but maybe a little bit less big-life-stuff-y than mine was this week. Just, for your own sakes, ya know?

*Not that Becci leaving is a step in the right direction! But I understand how it's good for her and not a terrible horror for my life. Oh yeah, and that whole hospital thing, but sadly, I'm kind of used to that at this point.


  1. OHHHH LOOK AT THE TINY HAT! Awwww, baby. I hope your Australian dude is cool and laid back and awesome, and that there are still Yum Yum Trees in your future. And that your hospital visits are soon back to NOT HAPPENING because your dad's home safe and comfortable. And that you're so swept up in change happening that you forget to panic until it's all settled. And that world peace happens. (That one's not going to happen, because PEOPLE ARE STUPID.) Happy Sunday muffin. :)

  2. To paraphrase Margaret Mitchell, the happiest days are the days when babies arrive. Yay to you! (And your cousin, obvs).

    And to paraphrase Bill Bryson, unlike Australians, Americans (more precisely, the Amer gov't) sadly HAVE had the tendency through history to arm disagreeable despots. There are lots of us who are upset about what's happening in Gaza, though.

  3. Aw, your cousin's baby is so cute! Looking at the photo made me feel a bit nostalgic - Giles is only 6 weeks but he was never tiny & is already the weight of your average three month old. Your cousin's baby looks so newborn :)

    Congrats on keeping going through so many big events, and on planning to start your Masters.

  4. Good job handling all of the changes, because changes are scary even whey they're good things.

    (To answer the question about America selling stuff to Israel and how can they do Money is the answer.)

  5. TINY BABY!! Those are my favorite kind. Before they get all walk-y and talk-y.

    Also, I love America, but really - we're douches. And our government does some really shitty stuff.

    Be less busy this week!! Which I know isn't really up to you because life keeps happening, but still. I hope you get to take some time to relax.

  6. I agree with everything Sarah said above. How are things going now with the new housemate?
    I hope this coming week is better.
    Also, I miss you soulmate!!