Sunday 10 January 2016

Sunday Sundries: Back to the Norm

Sunday greetings, lovely internet folk!
I don't really have much to report from this week, but as part of a concerted effort to something something blog or something I'm writing a post anyway (also it's technically Saturday night and I may have accidentally gotten a little bit pissed watching telly. QUITE the life I'm leading.)

ANYWAY. This week has basically all been about returning to work after 12 days off, and may I just say,
By Monday evening I'd had more than enough what with the puddle of shit outside my office, the lack of heating inside and the fact that nobody had done any of the work I'm responsible for* so I had to, you know, work hard, but things improved minimally over the rest of the week (i.e. I had slightly more of a will to live). I still have Wednesdays off so with this one I went to the Tate Modern to see this Pop Art exhibition that I've been planning on seeing for months now. I can't really claim to know anything about art (other than, you know, books and TV and stuff...) but the exhibition was really interesting cause it was all about Pop Art in other countries and how it was used to express political protest and feminism and all sorts of other tasty things.

So that was cool and then I came out of the exhibition and discovered this awesome balcony with an awesome view and was all over how awesome London is:
I mean. What a babe. So basically, if you want a good view of London, you want to go to the balcony through the gift shop on level 3 of the Tate! Bloody beautiful.

So that was really the highlight of the week. Otherwise it's mostly been a case of drinking a lot, feeling sad because I have no money, watching the two Godfather films (there are only two) and the ever dreaded work. My Saturday plan was to update my CV and apply for jobs and generally get things moving to try and improve the job part of my life, buttttt mostly I just ate a lot of doritos and finished reading the Scott Pilgrim comics and did I mention the accidental drunks? I mean, whoops. But I'll get there, you know, eventually. Any volunteers to find me an awesome job will be accepted with great pleasure, however. Let me know!

Anyway. This week was mostly boring, so I hope yours was better, and that mine improves over the next week so I actually have something to write about for next week. But, I'm not holding my breath...

*This makes my job sound all official and shit when in fact it is really very lame. BUT there are things that basically only I do, and they're supposed to be finished at the end of each month but were left, presumably because 'Laura will do it when she gets back'. Ugh.


  1. That Tina gif perfectly captures the feeling of coming back to work after vacation. Also most Mondays...

  2. Whoah, that's a beautiful pic. I think I've heard of this magical balcony before, but being northern and agoraphobic and also not a massive modern art fan I obviously haven't actually been upon it myself. It's so HANDY that you're down there in London to do these majestic things for me. :D

    P.S. Doritos and comics sounds like a MUCH better use of your Saturday, I heartily approve.