Sunday 31 January 2016

Sunday Sundries: A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Happy Sunday, people of the internet!

I'm wholly aware that my recent (i.e. for the past year) contribution to words on the internet can be boiled down to the following format:

  1. I haven't been here for a while, my bad
  2. I've been doing some things, I guess
  3. Imma do better soon, honest
And the same applies again here, I guess! I don't really have any excuses to offer, I've just been working and trying to cook more things from scratch (I've totally been making an effort with food, and it pays off with the yummies) and last weekend, when I could have conceivably been writing things, I did so much reading for pleasure that it was unreal and I'd kind of forgotten how good it was to set aside proper time just for fun reading. Clearly, the days are gone when reading used to immediately pave the way for blogging, but, in the nicest possible way, I'll take the reading over the blogging any day.

The other time suck I'm experiencing at the moment is job hunting. It would be fair to say that this is my least favourite thing to do in the entire world, but I'm so sick of being so poor all the time that it has to be done. And by 'has to be done' what I actually mean is, I've basically spent one day doing it and I'm already so over it. Frankly, the fact that I don't just get job offers daily just by existing in an aura of awesomeness is so ridiculous to me that I don't know how to accept the absolute slog of finding anything at all that I want to do with my days. 

But anyway. There's that thing and those other things, and all of them add up to a life spent doing things that don't always involve the internet. And that's ok, but I still want to make an effort so here is my Sunday plan (subject to a change of mind in, you know, about 5 minutes)- Kayleigh said in a start of 2015 post that she was not going to stress about writing reviews for EVERY book, but she was going to do a sum up of all the books she's read each month at the end of that month. So. I find that it's the 31st January and I have written NO reviews for any of the books I've read this month (an impressive total of 14, by the way [7 graphic novels. But still.]) so here is my plan- mini-reviews tomorrow. Start afresh. Get my shit together and properly blog (I know, I know, so she says. Whatevs.) Find a new job, make soup, do yoga, continue to be an excellent person. All of that isn't so hard, amiright? 

And there you have the grand example of how to turn a blog post into a to do list! Just what everyone wants to read, I'm sure. But anyway. I've done some stuff and I'm going to do some more stuff and that's sufficient for everyone to know, right? 


  1. Dude, we all get it. Sometimes you need a break or life gets in the way or you just don't feel like posting. I feel like that's happened with a lot of book bloggers in the twittersphere lately. BUT I was just thinking I hadn't heard anything from you in a while (aside from the pictures on FB) but then again can't really say too much because I never log on anymore so I could have missed it. I'm looking forward to future reviews from you though! :)

    1. Sooooo many book bloggers I know have been really really rarely posting lately and obviously it's fine but it's also like 'noooo I need you here so we can all do it together!' but I totally get their absences anyway. Awww, I'm glad you think of meeeee though! I think I definitely need to start posting links to posts on twitter again, cause I know that's how I find most posts, but goddammit I'm so damn lazy haha.

  2. Laura, I'm blaming you and this blog post title for the fact that "The Birdy Song" featured in my dream last night. Stupid subconscious!

    But you don't need to apologise for the lack of reviews. I enjoy reading your thoughts on the books you've read, but I also enjoy your more general updates too, just knowing you're still alive and what you've been up to. I'll pop over and read your mini-review post in a minute.

    Good luck with the job hunt. I know how soul-destroying it can be (one reason I've stayed in the same job for so long) but stick with it, I'm sure you'll find something suitable before too long.

    See you Saturday (YAY!)

    1. Hahahaha whoops. And also, you're welcome!

      Aw, I'm glad you like my ramblings about life! I enjoy writing them but I'm always a bit like 'is this even interesting though? Also, do I just say the same things allllll the time?' (probably haha) But thank you, anyway :)

      Oh my god, Katie, I don't want to alarm anyone about my state of mind but I was looking at a long list of jobs-I-could-totally-do-but-no-one-would-hire-me-for on Sunday night and just crying at the anticipated rejection. This was without applying for anything or even getting any kind of rejection but STILL. I think I'm a bit traumatised by the whole process really! But yeah.


  3. What sort of food have you been making??

    Fully on board with the SHOCK and ANNOYANCE that you're not getting job offers thrown your way. What's wrong with these people? Maybe they're intimidated? Yes, that's it.

    1. I made soup! And I've made a couple of stir fries and I'll be making bolognese this week and just generally trying to cook and not just heat things up? I like it, it makes me feel good :D

      I mean, RIGHT, Alley? Why aren't people consulting me for my excellent Shakespeare opinions? And why haven't all the publishing people offered me jobs doing whatever I want? Where are all my professional reader jobs, huh? I think it has to be that intimidation thing because I am SO FREAKING EXCELLENT (and incredibly modest. And beautiful.)

  4. Urrrrrrrrgh, job hunting. On the bright side, at least you're IN a job and therefore not having to suffer through the absolute condescension that is the Job Centre. What sort of thing are you looking for?

    Also, I'm jealous of your ability to cook. I had Parma Violets for dinner.

    1. Hanna, if nothing else the fact that my job keeps me away from the Job Centre makes me love it beyond measure. I'm kind of looking for super super junior copy editor/proofreader type work at the moment (which LOL good one Laura, do you also want a unicorn for Christmas?) but I'll probably widen my search after that goes tits up. But at this point I don't really want to settle for just whatever, I want to do an actually amazing job. BOOM HOPE. Or something.

      Dude. That is not an ok dinner. Please present yourself to me immediately and I'll make you some soup or something.