Sunday 7 January 2018

Sunday Sundries

That's right, I'm really really trying to bring blogging back. Make things habits and all that jazz...

This week, I'm not entirely sure I woke up at all. Sort of sleepwalked through work and tried not to make weird decisions or break things, and in that I was pretty successful! It was remarkable only in two ways- first I had to train a new person which is one of my least favourite things, but was actually fine, albeit a little bit, well, exhausting; but secondly, I GOT A NEW JOB, which is great and means that my time teaching people things and also being taken advantage of are soon to end (for a bit, until I've learnt my new job, I am sure).

Some notes on the new job though- it's in a different department at my current workplace and is actually just one door down from my current office, so when I start I imagine I will sail straight past the right door about 80% of the time because that's just what I'm like as a person. I had my interview for it just before Christmas, and then things were a bit up in the air over the Christmas break which meant there was just a teensy part of me that didn't quite relax, so if nothing else I'm relieved to know what kind of work I'll be doing this year! And, obviously, that it went the way I wanted it to!

That's just work though, and if I'm completely honest, I think of work as a means to an end rather than as my everything. It pays the bills but my interests lie in other places that don't earn money *looks lovingly at blog* *and books* *etc*. My best friend and I have been sending each other writing prompts every day in an attempt to improve our writing and think more creatively and all of that sort of good stuff, and although I thought it was going to be a new year thing for a couple of days, it's still going and I realise it's only been a week BUT STILL. It takes 3 weeks to form a habit, so no matter how tired I am, I'm doing this writing thing, dammit.

I have also been trying to get back into yoga but got slightly derailed this week by a horrible journey home from work- it's still on my mind to do it though, so watch this space (for when I tell you more, week by week, that I haven't done any yoga).

I moved in September last year (I probably briefly mentioned it but eh, who can remember?) and one of the excellent side effects of this is that my bedside table is now a little bookcase. This is partially a money saving option (my previous bedside table was a chest of drawers- but like a big one that you put all your clothes in) and partially a thing where there wasn't really any other space for the little bookcase. Either way, it's worked out great for me because I get to make a pile o'books to read imminently and instead of them just forming a big, dangerous pile on the floor, I put them on my bookcase and just take them out as I want.

The other two shelves have books and comics that I want near me at all times, but that's neither here nor there (except it is here and they are near me and I love them.

And here is the stack for the next... little bit of time, pre-shelving:
 So little colour in the spines...
Just to pick a few out, I really want to read The Dud Avocado because Greta Gerwig is my current obsession and I read something about it being a big inspirational book for her, so SOLD. Dorothy Parker is my favourite wit that I have actually read none of, so I'm trying to rectify that, and I have had Talk Talk by T C Boyle for approximately forever- I keep buying his books because I read The Tortilla Curtain once and it was great, but never reading them, so I'm trying to rectify that. Also Margaret Atwood is Margaret Atwood, and if Alias Grace is good then I can watch the TV show which is great because I think Anna Paquin is excellent.

And also I guess some other books I want to read and stuff.

Not pictured are my challenge book for the month (Hidden Figures) and the book I'm actually currently reading- the behemoth that is Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King, and which, as soon as I leave the house, will not be my sole read anymore because woahhhh I like having a functioning spine, thank you.

Now tell me everything- how have you been? Did you sleepwalk through the week too? (Tell me it's not just me!) How about these books, huh? Huh? 


  1. I’m so proud of you, Laura! You’re doing ALL THE BLOGGING this year. And congrats on the new job! What kind of work will you be doing now?

    I’ve heard great things about DUD AVOCADO, which was reissued here in the US by the NYRB not too long ago, so it’s been on my radar but I don’t know much about it. Keep me posted!

    I didn’t really sleepwalk through the week, but I had a snow day, in which I still worked from home about 7.5 hours that day, but it still felt like a day off because I could remain in my jammy pants, so that counts as a win. I also wrote my first blog post this year, and my first book review in about 18 months, so I’m trying to feel good about that.

  2. I read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius about ten years ago. I don't remember a lot about it, but I do remember that I enjoyed it.

  3. Congrats on the new job! It pays the bills, and it doesn't necessarily have to be your passion or anything. Just a means to buy more books ;)

    Nice TBR pile - I also have "Shrill" in mine!

  4. I fully support your return to blogging!

    Kitchen Confidential, I have read that book SO MANY TIMES. So I guess I recommend yay for it being in your pile