Sunday 14 January 2018

Sunday Sundries

What is this?! Some kind of consistency?! Witchcraft!

That's correct, I am here, without a clear aim but with some kind of urge to really honestly and truly make blogging a habit (again), to some degree! Just look at me go! If only I had an interesting life to tell you all about, everything would be fine.

Let's see... I handed in my notice at work, which means that I'm basically just waiting out the time I have left there until I can finally leave and move on to a better place *dramatic face work*. It's always a bit of a strange time, I guess, since there's a limit to how much I can care about things, but I still have to care about things because otherwise, to be frank, they just won't get done. But anyway, I'm just doing my time, keeping my head down, and hoping it goes quickly.

Outside of work, I've been trying to use my time as effectively as possible, and it's actually going quite well. This is kiiiiind of a new year thing I guess, but I'm trying to ignore that and genuinely just make changes to my life slowly and steadily. This all sounds really dramatic, when all I'm really talking about is like, trying to do yoga as soon as I come in from work, instead of putting it off and just not doing it, and reading instead of watching TV, and doing my writing prompt every single damn day.

I have been doing my writing prompt every single damn day, by the way, with varying degrees of engagement and success. By which I mean, some nights I have basically no time or energy to do it (see: Thursday night when I got in at about 11pm, or Friday night when I had a few glasses of wine after work) but I still get something down, and it's really starting to feel less like a chore, and just a fun thing to look forward to after work (I KNOW). This was really the point of the writing prompts (for me, anyway) so I'm pretty pleased with the results thus far!

As for reading, I have been doing some but probably less than usual because of the aforementioned other activities. I say this mainly because I have only finished two books this year BUT I keep forgetting that the main reason for this is because I'm reading a 700+ page Stephen and Owen King behemoth which makes me feel like NOTHING IS ACHIEVED. Is reading all about achievement? Not even a little, and I would do well to remember that while I constantly ignore all of my giant books so I can read three smaller ones instead. Like, seriously, that's a problem for me and I need to fix it.

But anyway. Working on it by reading giant book so everything is going to be fine. Plus, this weekend, I found Simpsons Chess in a charity shop, so everything really is going to be fine!
See what I mean about no clear aim? But hey, we got through it relatively unscathed, right? I hope you all had excellent weeks and weekends, and let's face the new week with courage and dignity and whatnot...


  1. My giant books get ignored because I can't be bothered to carry them places, so on a Monday I pick a book either on my Kindle or that I can fit in my bag and lift with one hand. This means I still haven't started Sleeping Beauties, but I think I might try and start it as a weekend book soon.

  2. Do you ever post your writing prompts? I would love to read them! And way to go on yoga! My goal has been to do 5 workouts a week, so I'm 3 weeks. Keep up the great work!

    I totally get how it's easier (and more motivating!) to read three little books instead of one behemoth. I've been alternating long-ass books with short ones to keep my reading mojo going.

    I also wrote you a letter! Sending it out this week. <3

    1. Ok, somehow managed to reply to the wrong comment, but I've got this!

      I haven't posted any of the writing prompts we've been using yet, but I have thought about doing it at the end of the month cause we've both agreed that we want to do this for a limited time (although still write every day cause of skill building!) so I will maybe do that if you're interested and watch this space!

      I just feel very achieve-y when I can say 'I've read 80 books this year!' rather than, like, 60 books but the same amount of pages. I have come to the conclusion that this is pretty stupid though, so I'm going to try and read some bigger beasties, I think.

  3. I quite literally can't carry giant books places cause I care about my back too much, but am sometimes tempted to carry bigger paperbacks even though I know I shouldn't! Finished Sleeping Beauties yesterday though, and I liked it a lot!

  4. Hooray for sticking to the writing prompt. I am impressed cos even when it's something you want to do, it seems SO HARD to actually do it.

    Well done on the Simpsons chess find