Sunday 21 January 2018

Sunday Sundries

*Tries to be cool about making it back here for another Sunday post*
Aw yeah, look at me go.

Let's see, how was my week. I started it off feeling weirdly extra-tired and slightly headache-y, which developed into a fully blown migraine by Wednesday, so I had to leave work early and essentially lay down until, well, Saturday, so that was not very fun. I am feeling better now, which is good, but it was still not a fun way to spend half a week!

On the plus side, my blog birthday was this week, and it made me feel all good and smiley about blogging again. It was also my cousin's birthday yesterday, so today I got to hang out with my family, which ALSO made me feel all good and smiley, so yay for people! In other selfish-people-born-in-January news, it's my boyfriend's birthday this week, and because he's working lates and I'm working, you know, daytime hours, I'll get to see him for a grand total of about an hour in the morning, so I'm taking Friday off (his weekends are also Fridays and Saturdays, SIGH) to hang out with him cause, you know, birthdays are important!

Because I have nothing really to talk about, let's do the thing with the things I'm doing now, yeah? Good.

I Have Been...

I did miss one day of writing prompts this week because, you know, migraine, but I did manage to catch up by doing two yesterday, which made me feel full of achievement and joy and stuff. I'm still really enjoying pushing myself to write every day, and finding little pockets of time to fit it in- obviously some days I'm more engaged than others, but that's true for everything, every day.

I definitely read more this week than someone with a migraine should, but what can you do, I can't fight these disturbing instincts I have. I finished Sleeping Beauties and Hidden Figures this week, and this morning I was reading The Little Book of Hygge, which did itself feel very Hygge as I was tucked up in bed at the same time.

I have, in recent months, upped the number of podcasts I actively listen to from one (The Babysitters Club Club) to THREE (My Dad Wrote A Porno and Thirst Aid Kit) and I am really loving them. I'm still really just creeping my way through them because (I tell myself) I have no time to listen to podcasts but they are fab. My Dad Wrote A Porno (in case you didn't know) is literally a son and his friends reading their way through his dad's terrible terrible porn novels, and Thirst Aid Kit is the excellent Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins and they talk about desire and pop culture and basically about men they fancy in a really fun and smart way. I can't recommend it enough, to be honest.

I went to see Coco yesterday and it was so excellent and moving and I cried like a baby for the last 10 minutes or so which is how I knew I was watching a Pixar film. I am keeping a list of all the films I watch this year, you know, for funsies, so I might do blog posts about that, but the chances are also good that I won't. I am also currently watching Gilmore Girls because, you know, default mode.

Since I just secured a new job, I feel like I'm not really looking for anything right now, but am just feeling generally contented in my life and whatnot. It's a nice feeling to just be floating along for now, since this year seems like it's going to be kiiiind of manic.

Having just read Hidden Figures I've been learning a lot about the US space programme, and it has made me feel like I should probably read more non-fiction about things I don't really know anything about because learning new things is fun and good. Basically.

I'm still feeling a bit sleepy and ugh from being off work this past week, but I'm hoping that jumping back into it tomorrow will make/force me to feel better!

3 weekends in a row in London, the bookshop crawl, and THE BLOODY END OF MY JOB. 4 weeks has never felt so long, I swear.

For spring to hurry up and get here, and for the ability to pull my finger out to get a holiday booked with my fella. We will sort it!

Spending time with my family and any and all bonus extra time I get to spend with my boyfriend. People are cool, hey?

Wasn't that very exciting and enlightening?! I am going to the movies twice this week because Oscar season = taking advantage of my Odeon Limitless membership, and with my day off on Friday, I don't think it's going to be so bad (she says). I hope you all have fabulous weeks, my little pretties.

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  1. Ugh I am sorry about the migraine, that is no fun

    Umm I have not heard of My Dad Wrote a Porno but that sounds incredibly cringy and wonderful.