Thursday 19 May 2011

I Fail at Life...

...Or at least at general blogging/life organisational skills. So, today I was supposed to post my thoughts on the first part of The Idiot by Dostoevsky, but... I haven't quite got there yet. I can tell you what I thought about the first two chapters! But somehow, that doesn't seem quite right. I can already tell you what went wrong though- I have succumbed to the very unpleasant character flaw I possess that means that, if I have to do something, I'll really do anything else before I finally get round to it. At university, this meant watching endless hours of TV, maniacally baking, and even doing the week's worth of washing up before finally writing essays the weekend before they were due in (AND I'm not even the only person I know to suffer from this ailment, so I never felt alone in my madness, thanks to Frances and her equally addled brain).

So anyway. This time I have even less of an excuse, and instead of reading The Idiot I've been watching more TV, baking some more, and reading Julie and Julia and The Stand when I am actually reading. I'm very very naughty, and this time I have no one to answer to but myself. I've given myself a good stern talking to, and I've decided I'm going to go easy on myself for this, as long as I read and comment on the first parts of The Idiot on the 31st May, the next deadline. After that point, who knows what punishment I might dish out to myself?! No more TV or baking until I read it or something preposterous like that. I can't let this happen! So I'm going to pull myself together and do the things I say I'm going to instead. This is going to be good, I can tell.

If you're just dying to read about the first part of The Idiot and are now feeling completely lost and let down, I suggest you go and see Jenn's post on it, it's actually pretty much the cat's pyjamas, and she is so much betterly prepared than me. Also I love her a little bit, so go! Read! And tell her I love her!


  1. I'm completely the same as you, I'm more than happy to read/do something but as soon as I'm supposed to...forget about it!

  2. You're certainly not alone in this! As soon as I tell myself I need to do something, I just won't do it. Even if it's something I want to do and no one cares if I do it but me.

  3. We are utterly rIdiculous people, am I right?! Red, I am even worse when it's something that's only for me, because i am apparently not important enough to do things for in my brain! I'm hoping to grow out of this one day though... Maybe?!