Sunday 6 May 2012

Sunday Sundries

This has nothing to do with the following post. I just... needed a picture and I love this! EDNA!
If you read just one more thing this week:
Make it this Tumblr showing people reading on the New York Subway. I know how that sounds (sort of boring) but I swear, this photographer's kind of magic- he manages to capture people when they're fully engrossed in their books, and you just know exactly how they're feeling, and that they're not even on the subway anymore, but they're in the middle of The Hunger Games or in a weird parallel Japan (I have major respect for the people reading 1Q84, and anyone reading hardbacks on the subway actually, because that's one big book!). So basically, just stop reading this now and go right over there and bask in its glories. One of my favourites is this girl reading Middlesex, because I'm pretty sure my face was like that for the first, like, 100 pages or so. I hope she carried on reading it, because it's amazing!

Damn, now I really just want to go and read on the NYC subway all the time and be featured on the site. One day, guys, one day.

Anyway. This little life update feels a bit redundant really, because I've basically just spent all week in bed! I haven't felt this ill in a long time, which is why I'm convinced that I've got tonsillitis, whereas my mum just thinks I've got a cold. It's not a cold when everything aches and you just want to die you guys! On the plus side, it has made me catch up with New Girl and Two Broke Girls, and has enabled me to watch a LOT of Hoarders, and I've even started watching Breaking Bad again! So... thanks for making me feel like crap, body?

I did manage to crawl out of bed to go with my mum to collect her wig (actually I wasn't too bad on Monday and Tuesday- Wednesday is when the disease really incubated) and then nip into a few charity shops and pick up a couple of books (can I just say: At Home by Bill Bryson for 50p? Highlight of the week!) and that was like my whole life out of the home this week! Faaairly lame, I realise, but also, ill!

Fun hair news: mum got dad to shave off all the last little bits of hair yesterday afternoon (which I'm a bit miffed about because I wanted to do it!) so it was a bit alarming to see at first, but she's quite a pretty bald person really! I mean, I would say that, but I think it does suit her, which is probably a good thing to know about someone (although I'd rather not know about it at all, thank you very much...) and her wig is lovely too so it's all good really (I mean, not really. But as good as it can be, on the head front!)

OH! Here's my big thing of the week, and sadly it's going to sound kind of lame. Because, well, I bought the Joni Mitchell album Blue the other week, and I literally haven't been able to stop listening to it! And it feels so cliched to be like 'omg Blue is amaaaaaazing!' because I'm thinking everyone knows that by now, but seriously you guys, it's amazing! My personal favourite song is Little Green because it's so lovely and yet so sad and just beautiful, but the whole thing is just... yessssss *bliss*. I mean, I've always liked Joni Mitchell like almost from afar (as in, I liked Big Yellow Taxi and Both Sides Now and California; and the fact that she was a giant hippy) but now I'm just like, in love. Just, thought you should know that. And that I am, in fact, listening to Blue as I write this. Obviously.

Also, I really can't sing Joni Mitchell songs but I still try. Imagine how fun it is living with me at the moment!

So. That was this week, which didn't even really deserve a recap! This week, there's a super fun chemo session on Friday (yay.) but tomorrow I'm going to have an indoor picnic at my friend's house because it's supposed to rain which will actually be fun. Other than that, I don't know- it's supposed to rain allll week, so I suspect I'll be spending a lot of time inside in the house, which as we all know= Hoarders and reading, so not too shabby at all. I've just started reading Night by Elie Wiesel this morning and I suspect I'll finish it before tonight even though it's breaking my heart already. Actually, scratch that, my heart is already broken. Damn Holocaust literature...

Anyway. That was the week, and this will be the next week. How was your week?


  1. I hope you're feeling better, but at least being sick meant lots of Hoarders and shows that are slightly less trashy. Hope all is well with your mom and yay that the wig looks good.

    Night is a book you should probably space out over some time because that is a lot of depressing-ness to cram into a short period.

  2. I am feeling mostly better, but I also keep forgetting that I was ill, so now I have a sore throat from not drinking enough today! But yeah, thank you for the hope :). Note: I will probably still be watching Hoarders this week. And it will be glorious.

    I'm... yeah, I'm starting to see that about Night. And on the one hand I kind of want to keep up like the emotional connection with the people and everything, but also I think if I do I might DIE of horror. But then again, I kind of feel like Holocaust literature should be uncomfortable to read, not because I'm like an ex-Nazi or anything (I'm not, honest!) but just so that we can be like 'fuuuuuck, how terrible was that?' and never let it happen again. But anyway- I didn't finish Night today (it's like 11.30 now, and I'm going to bed in a minute) so I at least will spread it out over a few days.

  3. Stinks that you were so ill, but hopefully you're starting to heal up! And yay for your mom being both pretty bald and with a wig :-) I envy you your sick week - my week was super busy. Maybe let's trade this week, yes? I'll lay around and read and watch tv and you can be all eventful. Good deal.

    Hope you have a good one!

    1. Let's trade indeed! As long as I can play with your new kitten, I'm good! :)

  4. I had the plague this past week too. It was awful. Thursday night I thought I was going to die. It's pretty creepy awesome that you and I are not only literary soul mates but we get sick at the same time.

    I'm glad that your mom got her wig and she looks pretty with it and without it. Congrats on getting a book for 50p. (Not entirely sure what that is exactly but sounds like a good deal). Hope you feel better soon.

    1. It's really weird right! Wednesday was my worst day, but still, pretty weird/cool (and also, I'm assuming, phlegmy. At least it was on my part hehe).

      50p is basically, I guess, around 75/80 cents? Or at least, less than a dollar. So not very much at all for a book :D.

  5. One of the reasons I don't like the kindle is that I can't snoop t other people's books, and also if people decide they want to bug me when I'm reading by finding out what I'm reading I can't just flip it to show them the title, which both answers the question and say 'Stop bugging me, I'm reading'. Someone should totally invent some sort of cover which shows whichever book you are reading at the time.

    Also 50p is good, even for a charity shop!