Thursday 13 September 2012

Top 5 TV: Special Buffy Edition!

Because you've been very very good this week (I have no way of knowing if this is true or not, so let's pretend it is) you're getting a DOUBLE Top 5 TV, also known as, I have 2 complimentary lists that I made a long time ago and the time really has come for them to be all computerised and stuff.

Please note: This is only going to be interesting to you if you've seen Buffy. And I mean, a LOT of Buffy.

So here's what I'm going to list: my top 5 'supporting' characters, and my bottom 5 'supporting' characters. By supporting, I basically mean anyone who isn't in the core 4 of the original gang (Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles) although I realise that some of these characters may have, at some point, been in the opening credits, so don't tell me cause I don't want to know!

I realise I should probably have posted these when I talked about Buffy waaay back in January (January. Jeez.) but things got away from me and now it's September which is the perfect time to talk about Buffy. So hush. (Hush! Ha.) So anyway, here come the lists:

Top 5 Buffy Supporting Characters
1. Tara- I can't even explain how much I love Tara, but she's SO wonderful. I guess she's kind of got the Melly-effect (Gone With The Wind. Don't even tell me that you needed this explanation) in that she's quiet and kind of shy but if she needs to be, then dammit she can be SO tough and brave. Also she taught Willow how to love the ladies and brought that VERY pleasing dimension to Buffy!

2. Spike- Come on. Have you seen him? He's also maaaybe the most complex character in the entire programme, or at least the one who goes through the most radical changes. Plus, I find his English accent seriously impressive, and I don't often say that about Americans! Also, did I mention those cheekbones?

3. Bad Angel- And ONLY bad Angel. Normal Angel just barely escaped making it onto my worst list because OMGSOBORING. And also the reason I haven't watched Angel yet. Bad Angel though? Dude's got charisma. And is hilarious. And irritates Spike which makes him even more hilarious. Yeah, he's great.

4. Glory- By far my favourite big bad (although maybe that's just because she was trying to kill Dawn all the time...) Glory is FABULOUS, and maybe just a bit evil. Or, ok, a lot. But still, faaaaabulous.

5. Faith- I kind of love/hate Faith (as, I believe, I'm supposed to) but there's no denying that she's one complex tough little cookie who just needs hugs, like, constantly. And I love the comparing and contrasting that goes on between her and Buffy- there but for the grace of Joyce goes Buffy.

Bottom 5 Buffy Supporting Characters

1. Riley- This doofus literally has NO redeeming features. Not one. And he's SUCH a dick to Buffy when her mum is ill. When they brought him back and made his life all perfect, I was seriously pissed off, cause I WANT HIM TO BE MISERABLE AT ALL TIMES. Considering that's all he brought me, and all.

2. Dawn- Dawn is the WORST. The very worst. If she's not getting into trouble then she's screeching about how IT'S NOT FAIRRRRRR, and basically acts like she's about 5 instead of 15-ish. She ranks lower than Riley only because she becomes slightly more bearable in Season 7, but she's still fairly annoying. A very very unwelcome addition to the show.

3. Wesley- The thing about Wesley is that I hate him because I'm supposed to, so that's a good thing at least. But his English accent is unbearable, and he continually puts a spanner in the works which displeases me. I believe he's in Angel too, so... Another good reason not to watch that show!

4. Jonathan/Warren- I would include Andrew in this, but I like him in Season 7, so... Just those two. Because, like, I know that in Season 6, the ACTUAL Big Bad is life, but do the decoy big bads have to be so... crappy? I realise that they represent a certain type of Buffy fan and I bet those guys LOVE these two, but I do not.

5. Kennedy/The Potentials- I do not like the potentials at all, nor do I really like that the whole of the last season of Buffy is sort of all about them, when I want my guys to be the central focus! But quite aside from that complaint, most of these kids are boring, and surly, and very very Dawn like, and they are SO mean to Buffy when she's just trying to get them not-killed! Kennedy gets a special mention for displacing Tara, but that's not really her fault, I GUESS.

So, tell me Buffy lovers! Who do you love/hate? Are you Dawn's biggest fan (like that's a thing...) and do you think Spike is so evil that Buffy should have just staked him? Let's discuss the crap out of this thing.


  1. I love your post! The blogosphere SO needs more Buffy posts! I already see a post like this in my future... :-)

    Now... No Anya?? She's should definitely be in the top 5, or at least get an honorable mention or something! She's so funny, always counting the money. :-) Though I think she should have gone back to Xander after the whole wedding thing. How can you not forgive Xander?

    I think Spike is my favorite character of all time. And I agree about bad Angel only.

    A quick note on the show Angel - it is REALLY worth watching! Yes, Angel is his usual boring/broody self for most of it, but you have some fabulous old characters - like Cordelia and Wesley, who you will learn to love, promise - and some fabulous new characters too. Fantastic show.

    Not much to add on the bottom 5, I agree with your choices. And also, this is the longest comment I've ever left so I think it's time to go.

    1. I... I don't hate Anya, and she'd definitely be nearer to my top 5 than bottom 5, but it's just... She irritates me sometimes and so that makes her less good than my top 5! Although I could probably replace Faith with her, at a pinch.

      Spike is the awesomest, and I'm glad you know this :) (except for that thing where he tried to rape Buffy, which was DREADFUL. Do not like.)

      I will maybe watch Angel. My sister has the whole box set, so maybe we'll actually get around to watching it some day... Perhaps.

      LONG COMMENTS FOREVS! And look, yours isn't even the longest! Hehe


    Seriously though, Riley and Dawn are the absolute worst, Riley more so, but I would have been so much happier if they'd both died in their first episodes.

    Tara was definitely my favourite, and Spike (clearly!) was my favourite too. I really liked Seth Green as Oz, but I know we had lots and lots of discussions about him before so I'll keep quiet.

    I only got through about 5 episodes of Angel, it was basically all the characters I hated in Buffy smooshed into the one show - so maybe it gets better, but I just couldn't do it. Bad Angel though...yeah, he could have stuck around a little more.

    1. Dawn is only less annoying than Riley because she gets better, I think. Riley is just permanently dreadful. UGH. Although Buffy did need a boyfriend, I have to say.

      We have discussed Oz, haven't we! It's not that I hate him, cause I think he's kind of awesome (also, shouldn't he have totally come back in s7 or something? I think yes.) but it's just that, I didn't mind him leaving because WILLOW AND TARA OMG! So yeah. That.

      Bad Angel should be the way Angel always is. Because he's a badass! And hilarious. Also, DUDE, I'm totally like 'oh, it's Angel and Cordelia and Wesley... HOW IS THAT EVER GOING TO BE GOOD?!' Fucking Cordelia.

    2. eh, Cordelia was the weakest character, and the first ep of Angel with her made me hate her even more. Other people seem to think Angel gets better but I just don't think I can do it - it's not worth the (potential) pain!

      Yeah, I love Oz, but I'm totally team Tara and Willow too so I get that!

  3. I love your lists! Spike is one of my favorite Buffy characters!

    I also have to agree that Riley sucks. Oh my gosh, he was such a whiny, pathetic person. Yuck. Now I am going to have to go back and watch all the seasons again!

    1. Why thank you! Spike is the AWESOMEST! He's maybe my second favourite character overall? Or, actually, third? (Tara and Giles, man!)

      Riley needed to leave. Urgently. I kind of wish he'd left sooner, actually. Oh well. GO AND WATCH BUFFY I COMMAND IT!

  4. I HATED Riley with a passion when I was watching the series when it first came out, but on rewatches he doesn't annoy me too much (maybe because I know he isn't sticking around? I thought he might be there forever when watching it originally!)

    I don't really understand all the Dawn hate... She never really annoyed me that much. Although having written that sentence, I just thought about it and realised that I completely get why she annoys people. Maybe it's that I'm also a younger sister who can be a bit bratty and annoying, so I find it hard to hate people who are like me, hehe.

    The whole Kennedy thing was annoying, the thing with her and Willow seemed really forced. This is one of the reasons why, despite having rewatched the other seasons several times, I've only ever watched season 7 twice (one rewatch, once when it was actually on tv). There is some good stuff in there but... hmm. Stupid Kennedy.

    Why no Anya??

    I... felt the same as you about Angel before I tried watching it. My best friend at high school had sky when I was watching the episodes on the BBC, so was able to see all of them in an order that actually made sense with Buffy crossovers and stuff, and would talk about it to me all of the time, but the storylines just sounded stupid and completely unbelievable, and I never cared about Angel really.

    ...BUT!!! A couple of years ago I sat down and decided to watch all of it, and it's actually good. There are some episodes and storylines which are a bit bleh, but that's definitely true of Buffy as well. You should definitely try it!! I would recommend at least trying the first series and seeing if you like it... You kind of have to power through the first few episodes (as they aren't that great, really) but once you get about halfway through season 1 it gets good :)

    1. WOAH long comment, I love it!

      Let's see... I just find Riley annoying because he doesn't really add anything to the show (anything good, that is) and I generally don't LOVE s4 because of all the army stuff, and yeah. Bad Riley.

      Dawn is SO dreadful! She just squeals and whines and attention seeks ALL THE TIME, when hello! Buffy needs to save the world and stuff! I'm a younger sister too, and I've NEVER been that annoying. I mean... My sister would probably say different, but I'm annoying in a less annoying way, if that makes any sense!

      Fair enough only having seen s7 twice! I do like the last... 4 or 5 episodes, with Caleb and Faith and everything just coming together, but other than that... No. Damn Kennedy!

      And see above re: Anya! No special reason for her not making the list, just that there are a LOT of great characters in Buffy!

      Halfway through s1 it gets good... I'll try to remember that! The first episode is terrrrible, so... It doesn't exactly encourage me to continue. But I DO want to watch the Buffy crossover episodes, so... I'll watch it one day, I swear!

    2. Obviously you're a nicer younger sister than I am, haha :D

      There are good things in season 7, but I think the whole potentials thing just overshadows them in my head.

      I hope you do enjoy Angel when you watch it! I was really surrpised that I ended up liking it, hehe.

    3. Oh, I wouldn't say NICER... Just less screechy haha!

      There ARE good things in s7, but yeah, on the whole it's like 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING I NEED MORE WILLOW AND XANDER AND GILES FFS!'

  5. First off, Hush is the scariest Buffy episode EVER! The way those men hover and grin just... ugh.

    My top three (cos 5 would be too long and I doubt you'd read it):

    1) Spike - both when he was evil and after he got his soul back. I loved when he fell in love with Buffy and started stalking and calling her; so out of character. And of course, the accent.

    2) Anya - I love sarkasm and she brings it in buckets. It's also great the way she doesn't understand human behaviour, and it was endearing when Buffy's mother died and she could understand why everyone was acting so strange. As well as her speech about how she admires humans.

    3) Drucilla - nobody does crazy like her, and she had some of the best one-liners.

    Honorary mention: Andrew in season 7. But also in season 6 with Jonathan cos they had such nerdy references and bad jokes it was all just too endearing.

    Worst 3:

    1) Riley - I echo everything you said. Hate. Him. Gah! And the whole Initiative and their GI Joe act and I was so glad when Buffy missed the chopper, and then her returns and I thought "not again, ffs!"

    2) Cordelia - the only reason Riley takes the top spot is because Cordy had some good one-liners. Other than that, she bored me to no end.

    3) The Potentials - especially Kennedy because the actress can't act and that bothered me; plus the way she constantly purses her lips and thinks she's so badass. And YES to hating the way they kicked out Buffy and then almost got killed.

    Honorary mention: Dawn - I agree with everything you said about her. The only really good thing about Dawn was the episode they introduced her causing a MAJOR WTF!? Why was she always throwing herself on her bed? Who even does that?

    Sorry, this was a tad longer than I had planned, but this is what happens when I talk about Buffy - which is all too rarely, so thanks for this opportunity.

    1. Dude, I never get to talk about Buffy, so I LOVE THIS- everyone can just keep the comments coming so I never have to stop! (Am thinking of doing a top 5 scariest episodes round Halloween, so come back and we can discuss some more!)

      Oh my GOSH, Anya's speech about death is SO amazing- makes me cry every time! Damn... I so want to bump Faith for her now... Hmm. And Drucilla... She kind of irritates me! And I never get why Spike likes her so much (well, because she made him all vampiric, I guess, but STILL!) or maybe I just am jealous of her cause SPIKE!

      Riley can just... No. Also the last time I watched Buffy, there were points where Xander really annoyed me, and so HIS approval of Riley doesn't really make it any better! Cordelia is annoying, although quite a good high school bitch, you know? And DAMN the Potentials! I'm not sure I'll ever get over the way season 7 went down... And oh GOD, Dawn! So annoying. Stroppy child!

    2. Pardon me while I just pop in here, but didn't Spike get particularly attached to Drusilla because he and/or Angelus killed her whole family and drove her crazy in the process? And then Spike sired he feels sort of responsible for her. Am I remembering that right?

    3. Ok then...I looked it up because it was bothering me, and I was way off. Angelus is all kinds of responsible for Drusilla being a crazy vampire, and she sired Spike. I guess that's enough to create a bond between them? Poor Spike.

    4. Yeah, I assume that Spike's all 'Drusilla I love you!' because of her siring him and all, because other than that? He seems like an ok dude who likes, y'know, non-mental girls!

      I want to add that I love how Spike as a human was ADORBS and poetry writing-y, whereas Angel was just a drunk Irish idiot. It's stuff like that that means you KNOW Joss Whedon loves Spike more than he does Angel :)

  6. Oh I looove Spike. Seriously he's probably my favourite Buffy character. Helps that I have a crush on James Marsters (which whenever someone mentions how old he actually is makes me shudder a little, but, he doesn't look that old).

    I enjoyed Oz too. Partly because it's Seth Green. But mainly because it's Oz

    1. Oh and Hush! has to be my favourite episode. The Gentlemen are just so damn scary...still make me jump every single time, even though I've lost count of how many times I've watched it

    2. Yeah, I used to know how old James Marsters is, and now I've forgotten, and I really don't want to be reminded! But he's still HOOOOOOT!

      I do like Oz, but I'm still totally like TARA AND WILLOW FOREVER!!

      Hush is the very scariest Buffy episode. I watched it on Halloween last year. It was... troubling.

  7. This post is SO awesome.
    My top five favourites would be pretty much the same as yours - I did watch Angel for a while, I didn't like it all that much, except for the parts when they showed more of Angelus's past (with Dru and Spike!) I also really liked Willow and Oz together, because he kind of brought her out of her shell. But then Tara came (yay!) and I thought it was entirely unnecessary to bring Oz back to Sunnydale for that one episode.
    My least favourite Big Bad was the Trio of course, and then Adam! The Potentials didn't bother me as much as Principal Wood irritated me in the last few episodes. And I can't even BEGIN to tell how much I hated DAWN!! Which reminds me, another one of my favourites was Buffy's mom.
    Wow, I just HAVE to go watch all the episodes all over again.

    1. Oooh, Angelus past-ness... Now more of that WOULD be fun! I liked Willow and Oz too! But once Tara came into the picture, I was just like 'Oz? Pah!' I didn't mind when he came back for that one episode though, cause it meant he got a proper goodbye.

      UGH, Adam. TERRIBLE! I didn't mind Principal Wood apart from the whole trying to make Spike monstrous thing, which was basically the worst thing in the world. BUT I did like the getting him together with Faith thing cause I think they were a good match. So I'm pretty ambivalent about him, really!

      Also, I LOVED Buffy's mum! Major crying when she died. MAJOR. Oh, Joyce!

  8. Aaah you have no idea how much reading this has made me regret all the moments I have spent not watching Buffy when I should have been watching Buffy. HATE HATE HATE Dawn and Riley. Love Faith. Hate the last series.

  9. Come on woman, what are you doing with your life?! But seriously- your opinions about all these characters are clearly the right ones. As is your opinion of season 7. You are clearly a Buffy SAGE

  10. Oh happy memories of that time you talked about Buffy back in January and I immediately added your blog to my Reader. The rest was history, as they say.

    I basically agree with all your listings, but I definitely prefer Anya to Faith. Anya and her fear of bunnies.

    Did you know that Willow and Wesley are real-life married? It's true! (I'm mostly sure it's true.)

    1. *siiiighs* Ah, those halcyon days! Of... Not even a year ago. Our love has surely blossomed speedily, yet beautifully. <3

      I have had second thoughts about Faith vs Anya. Although I still kind of think Faith is the better character, but then I like her less... Hm. Well, I'm not changing it now, anyway!

      I did know that! It's adorable! I believe they have 2 babies now too! Also I read somewhere that she liked him straight away and was like 'omg, he'll never like me' and so it took them ages to go out, which is SO Willow. And also how I will clearly be if I ever find anyone I want to marry lol.

  11. Oh, I love Glory, she's brilliant. And Anya. I think I'd put Anya at the top of my list. And I agree about awful Riley. Must admit I quite liked the trio though. If you're a Tara fan, you should check out the episode of Tabletop with Amber Benson:

    and there's an interview too:

    I think Angel is worth watching if you're a Buffy fan. It's not as good but on the plus side Angel continues to go bad lots of the time and it has Faith in for a while. And Wesley gets a lot less annoying.