Tuesday 10 July 2012

Once Upon A Readathon: Day Two

By 'Day Two', I obviously mean 'Here's what I did on day 1, and by the way, pretend you didn't notice that I basically didn't update all day yesterday, yeah?' So, yeah, sorry about that if you were on tenterhooks or whatever, but I didn't really do all that much reading yesterday, or at least not enough to brag about! I did watch True Blood and make a really nice stir fry for dinner though, so that was good! Let's look at some stats, shall we?

Page Count for Day 1: 229 pages
Books finished: Well, 0. But I could have finished Neither Here Nor There instead of moving on to Vanity Fair, but, well, I didn't, so. 
Snacks consumed: I literally had NO snacks yesterday. Not even, like, some raisins. Clearly, I need to go to the shops today and stock up on a few goodies to encourage more reading!
Hours spent reading: Who knows?! I'm going to say, about 4 hours? Not so bad, but I'll try and do a few more today. There's books that need reading, people!
Biggest distractions: Waking up at 11am (for no reason, I should add!); Going to the library (this is literally what I did yesterday... I don't want to exaggerate my bookishness, but really I am very bookish!); and watching True Blood, which obviously took about 10 hours because it wasn't necessary watched through reputable means.

SO! Today, I'm definitely going to update sporadically (thanks, Cher) to try and shame myself into having something to say about things that I've read. This feels like a good plan. A bit joy-sucking, but still, a good plan!

Update 1: 1.30pm
I finally finished a book! All is good with the world! I woke up way later than planned today (like 10am, which is still an improvement on yesterday!) and I've only read like 90 pages but still- A finished book! YAY! Now just to do proper functional things like getting dressed and foraging for lunch (and probably going out to the shop up the road for snacks- I NEED SNACKS PEOPLE!)

Update 2: 3.30pm
Look at me, frequently updating! I wouldn't, but I reached an appropriate book stopping place (end of part one of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, which I am so regretting leaving for so long- it's kind of fab!) and I was going to nip up the road for some snacks, BUT it's totally going to rain, and dammit I don't want to get wet! So, alas, this readathon will have to remain snack free for the moment, and oh boy do I feel like I'm living through some kind of snack prohibition or something- it's really really sad! PITY ME!

While I'm feeling sorry for myself, I guess I should do a challenge. Even though I totally vote for Ellie to win this one already, because her story thing is kind of awesome! But I'll try my best anyway. So the challenge is 'Once Upon A Time There Was A Bookish Fight' (OH, because it's the Once Upon A Time readathon! Gotcha.) And, well, for the fight I choose Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair (and I'd just like to point out that I haven't finished it yet, so if she has a radical character transformation before the end [WHICH WOULD BE NICE] then, you know, just take it as Becky from the first 2/3 of the book) and Isabella Thorpe from Northanger Abbey:

Becky and Isabella are both almost too busy thinking about themselves and their place in society to even notice that there's anyone else in the parlor of the house in Hampshire that they find themselves in.    Eventually noticing the presence of the other woman, Becky tries to calculate her class and usefulness, and, deciding that Isabella is worth nothing to her, decides to show her coldness and cruelty only. This decision proves to be ineffective as Isabella has noticed a man out of the window who looks like he might be just what she needs in a man today, and her complete ignorance of Becky's tactics push her right over the edge. Just as she's advancing on her to maybe pull a comb out of her hair or smack her round the face a little, in walk Catherine Morland and Amelia Sedley; and their sweet and quiet ways annoy Becky more than Isabella's vapidity ever could. As she resumes her position on the sofa, ready to tear verbal shreds off of Catherine and Amelia, Isabella dreamily ambles out of the room, ready to make a conquest with the man outside, who she believes must surely be a Lord... Or a Duke...

Hmm. That was more fun than I thought it was going to be! Ok, so that's that done. Also, I'd just like to say that it's raining BUCKETS now, so I was totally right to not go and get snacks. So I win in one way, but also, I'M HUNGRY FOR SNACKS!

Update 3: 8.30pm
Here's what's gone down- I got the snacks! It stopped raining for a bit and so I scampered out and got some giant buttons and starburst from the shop up the road (which, by the way, had the crappest snack selection ever. I was most disappointed- I also wanted some Nutella and they didn't have that either!) and then ate waaaay too many chocolate buttons, which, interestingly, is the best way to get a headache, in case you didn't know! Anywho, I chased away the headache with some yummy macaroni cheese which I made for dinner (for myself, anyway- mum's not feeling great today, so I'm all housewifey, and I literally made 4 different dinners. I should get a fucking medal.) and with dinner making and general housewife (housedaughter?) duties, I haven't done that much reading since the last update. BUT in spite of that I have nearly finished The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, so THERE, household tasks. Try and stop me from reading, will ya?! So anyway, the plan for the rest of the evening is to finish that, and then to read a bit of Vanity Fair. I don't know why it's taking me so long to finish, but I'm kind of enjoying savouring it, so I'm just going with it!


  1. I skipped between books too, so I didn't finish anything til this morning. Aaaah, dodgy episodes of True Blood... Eric would approve, I think. NOW I WON'T BE ABLE TO READ BECAUSE I'LL BE THINKING ABOUT SEXY SIX-FOOT-SOMETHING VIKING VAMPIRES!

    Good luck today - and buy snacks already, you're making me feel guilty! :)

    1. Oh lord, sexy six foot something vampires. Oh my. I LOVE ERIC FOREVERRRRRR!

      Might possibly go and get snacks now! Maybe...


    Also, I have today off work so I am going to be readathon-ing up a storm. I think I'll post an update sometime this morning, once I've decided which book I want to read next.

    Happy reading!

    1. I know right! BUT IT KEEPS RAINING, WTH?! Enjoy your AWESOME reading day off work!

  3. I didn't know it was possible to do a readathon sans-snacks. You must be some kind of new super hero.

    Neither Here Nor There--I assume of the Bryson persuasion? I love that book. Vanity Fair I know little about other than a few stunning visuals of the film version that are dancing in my head right now as I think of it.

    1. I believe I am some kind of superhero, yes! But, I mean, I've been eating like *meals* and everything, and in general I don't really snack that much, so it's not that weird not having snacks. Apart from right now I am genuinely hungry, so... SNACKS MUST BE OBTAINED!

      Yesssss the Bryson! I just finished it this morning, and I loved it too! It's not my *favourite* Bryson though, just because he seemed grumpier than I remembered (or, in fact, he genuinely is grumpier in it) but still- A Bryson I like less than other Brysons is still a pretty great book! Vanity Fair is fairly awesome- haven't seen any films, which I feel like might help with reading the book? Either way, it's all cynical and misanthropic and excellent :)


    I recommend things covered in chocolate. And also pretzely items. These are all good. And can be combined in delicious ways.

    Also I do not know these books of which you speak.

    1. That's because they're set in now-ish times, and don't involve lesbians. OOH BURRRRRN!

      But really- Neither Here Nor There is a Bill Bryson book, and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is by Rebecca Miller, aka Arthur Miller's daughter, aka Daniel Day Lewis's wife. And also, now I may love her more than both of them. True story.

      I got snacks! And now I mostly regret them, so, yeah. But still! I went and got them and left the house and everything! Yay!

  5. 229 is pretty damn good! I kicked ass during my last read-a-thon, but I'm just FAILING at this one. I swear I read more when it isn't a read-a-thon. Why do people always want to DO things when I want to read? :p

    It stopped raining!? It stopped... what? No, I still don't understand! Isn't it awful! We're going to have to build arks soon.

    1. I haven't been so hot at reading of late, so I'm quite liking the enforced reading, I think! Although I'm still like 'whyyy aren't I reading as many pages as usual?' forgetting that, like, it's because I normally DON'T STOP reading for like 16 hours or whatever (never 24, I've gotta say) which is impossible over 3 days!

      We are SO going to have to build arks soon! It's horrid! It hasn't actually rained here for, ooh, a few hours now, but it has been awfully dark and gloomy, and I just HATE it! I want to read in the garden, dammit!