Wednesday 11 July 2012

Once Upon A Readathon: The Final Day

So, how's everyone feeling today? Ready and raring to go for some more reading? I'm writing this on Tuesday evening, and I have to admit to feeling slightly book fatigued, but hopefully I will have woken up today ready to focus and knock some books out of the park (or whatever. Read them, you know?) So what I'm going to do is update on yesterday's (Tuesday's) progress, and then also round up today's reading on this post, so I don't have to do a whole other post tomorrow going 'and this is what I did yesterday, but it's all over now so no one cares.'

In other news, here's what I did yesterday, and the readathon's still going so everyone clearly cares:
Page Count for Day 2: about 350 pages
Books finished: 2! So proud.
Snacks consumed: Most of a bag of Giant Buttons, and about half a packet of Starburst. Not the best snack things, I'll admit. I'm thinking of a much more savoury line of snacks today, but I might just let a grilled cheese sandwich sustain me... (craving one. Seriously.)
Hours spent reading: (why did I even include this category, when I have no clue?!) Let's say... about 6 or 7? Enough to finish 2 books in, anyway!
Biggest distractions: Making the dinner, emptying bins and other housewife duties, but I managed not to be distracted by tv at all really, which I guess is kind of the point!

So, that was yesterday! Hopefully today will be fab, although I'm still not making any goals because this is meant to be fun! Let's just say... I'd like to finish one more book. Reasonable, I reckon.

Update 1: 12.30pm
Inexplicably woke up late again (I mean, not this late, but like 10.30?) which I can only attribute to being brain tired from all the reading? Maybe? Anyway, since then I haven't done massive amounts of reading (having breakfast and all, you know?) but I have started A Visit From The Goon Squad, which I've been meaning to do for probably more than a year, and so far, I like it! My plan is, I think, read this, and then just go back to Vanity Fair, and that'll probably be me finished for the day. And for the readathon. What am I going to do tomorrow?!

Update 2: 3.45pm
I've just learnt the very important lesson not to brag about being able to read outside on twitter, for doing so is sure to come back to haunt you about 5 minutes later... Yep, I read about 5 pages and then it came over all dark and started spitting, and, well, it was obviously time to come in. *Sigh*. Anyway, I'm about 100 pages into A Visit From The Goon Squad now, which pleases me; even though it's not really that amazing an amount. Nonetheless, I'm pushing on, and since at 3pm I thought it was 4, it's like I've MADE TIME. Which is, I think you'll agree, pretty cool.

Update 3: 8pm
Well, I just finished A Visit From The Goon Squad, and now I'm not sure I can read anything ever again. It's SO good! I really can't believe I just let it sit on my shelves for so long! It's honestly so good that it's made me slightly giddy, so there you go! I'm now torn between 1) Not reading any more things (obviously not ever, but maybe for the rest of today) 2) Reading Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, which I found from its hiding place today but which I can't really muster up any enthusiasm for, or 3) Reading Vanity Fair because it's awesome and I have now been reading it for approximately 8000 weeks (Or, like, I don't know, 5? It feels like AGES, and even though I like it, I'm still like 'I want to FINISH YOU!') 
So thems the choices. I don't know which I'll choose, the only things I know for sure are that I'm having a bath tonight, and I'll wrap things up here before I go to bed, which I know will just thrill everyone!

Update 4: 10.10pm
Ok, this is it you guys. I really want to turn off ze computer, so what I'm doing is anticipating how many pages of Vanity Fair I'll read tonight, adding that to my total amount of stuffs, and calling it a... readathon? Whatever. So, here it is in all it's glory:

Page Count for Day 3: 380 pages
Page Count for the readathon: 960 pages (oooh, so close to 1000!)
Books finished today: 1
Books finished for the readathon: 3! Which is really good! And I hadn't started any of them! Yay!
Snacks consumed: Just the rest of the Buttons and starburst. I was going to make pancakes for breakfast but then I couldn't be bothered, and they're not snacks anyway so I'll just be quiet now.
Hours spent reading: about... 5? Actually, make it 6 since I'm going to read some Vanity Fair before bed.
Overall hours spent reading: Like... 15 or 16? Not too shabby, that's what I say!
Biggest distractions: Once again being housewifely, and also having to relocate at one point because of the horrid rain. Hmph. Oh yeah, and at about 8pm I gave up and just perused the internet and watched Breaking Bad. Which, obviously, was pretty awesome.

And that's about all I have to say! Thanks for sticking by me as all this went down, and it's been fun! But let's just say I won't be doing a loooong readathon for a looong time!


  1. I tend to do pretty well for reading even after a read-a-thon's finished, because I'm in the reading zone (maaaaan) and always looking to squeeze in a few more pages at odd moments! (Only without the Twitter distraction, which helps even more!)

    I bought A Visit From the Goon Squad recently, so I'll be interested to see how you get on... Also, YAY FOR GIANT BUTTONS! I ate a fair few of them myself over the last couple of days. Good luck for our last day! *waves read-a-thon flag wildly*

  2. It's very very possible that I might be in the reading zone tomorrow too- I haven't been reading so much these last few weeks, so hopefully this will have been the kick I needed!

    The Giant Buttons were so good, and yet SO bad, you know? I only have a few left, so I feel like I might as well finish them today, cause, you know, otherwise they'd just be wasted! Hehe. Good luck to you tooooooo! :D

  3. What two books did you finish??

    And what on earth are Giant Buttons?

  4. I finished Neither Here Nor There (Bill Bryson) and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (Rebecca Miller). Which was, clearly, very exciting for me.

    And also, these: only bigger. I was so hoping that would confuse American type people though hehehehe :)

  5. I've never done a readathon, but it looks like a lot of fun! I approve of your snacks too, especially the Giant Buttons - so much better than normal Buttons.

    1. It really is, although it's kind of oddly exhausting, like, mentally! I'd recommend starting with a shorter one, fo sho!

      Agreeeed with the Giant Buttons. Although I still love the little ones too. And also milkybar ones. Aaaand now I want some milkybar buttons. Damn.

  6. CONGRATS! Three books in three days is really impressive. I am still going (ish) since, you know, time difference and all.

    Mmmm, pancakes... Oh, I'm sorry, did I just drool on your blog?

    I haven't had pancakes in ages. This situation needs to be corrected ASAP.

  7. Thank you! I am quite impressed, although right now I'm a bit like 'I never want to read anything EVER AGAIN!' So, burnt out is what I'm saying!

    I *still* haven't made pancakes. It's ridiculous. I have the milk all ready and everything! Ugh.

  8. Yay for Goon Squad. I heart that book. And I LOVE books that are so good that when you finish them you need to take some time before picking up another book. I guess that's not great when you're doing a readathon and all, but still, awesome.