Sunday 29 July 2012

Summer Mini-Readathon Time!

No Sunday Sundries this week, because lookit! Sarah Says Read's Mini-Readathon! I will just say that mum did have her last chemo on Friday which is AWESOME, and also, just thank you everyone who's said kind things over the last 5 months or so- every single comment where you say you hope that mum's ok, or that I'm ok just really makes me feel so much better and keeps me going, and honestly I just love you all. She's still probably got to have radiotherapy at some point, so this isn't exactly the end of the cancer thing, but it's the end of one stage so I just wanted to say thank you for reading my grumbling and just for the support.

Ahem, so I just got all emotional! Now onto the reading! I literally have no idea what I'm going to read today- it occurred to me yesterday that I haven't made a book pile or anything, so apart from my Fuck the Patriarchy Readathon list, I'm kind of going in blind. I'm thinking that I'm definitely going to try and read Anthony and Cleopatra, but apart from that I really don't know what else! I'm half-heartedly reading both The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain and The Invention of Solitude by Paul Auster (oh, and The Second Sex by Simone De Beauvoir) so I might try and get stuck into one of those too, but Shakespeare and I definitely have a date.

I think I'm just going to start reading whenever I wake up (I am, of course, writing this on Saturday) and then just time the 12 hours from there, but we'll see, we'll see! If you haven't signed up already, then I'm sure Sarah will let you do so today, so if you fancy a bit of reading then I say, go for it! Have funnn!

Update 1: 4.45pm

Welp, it's 4.45pm here and I'm just writing my first update. 'She must have been reading SO HARD!' I hear you cry, but alas, instead I've been watching heats of the Olympic swimming (NONE of the Olympics happens when I'm asleep! This is going to be a time suck...) and having lunch round my nans and chatting and whatnot. I have read abouttt.... 60 pages though, which is not a lot for like 6 hours (I'm going to say I started at 10.30am, cause let's go with that) but I'm fine with it, and now I don't have anything else to do today BUT read, so there's that. Since this is the first time I've been online today, I'm a gonna do the starting mini-challenge, I guess!

1. Tell everyone 3 random things about yourself
1. I am ridiculously obsessed with Joni Mitchell right now, and I kind of want to be her...
2. I have the hugest collection of tights anyone has probably ever seen
3. I have a bruise on my foot at the moment and I don't know why.

2. Is this your first readathon?
Not by a long shot! Although this was my first readathon last year, and got me in the readathon spirit, hence I love Sarah's readathons :)

3. Do you have any specific goals for today?
I really don't, other than what I said above which was to read me some Shakespeare. Which I haven't done... I'm going to get right on that!

4. Do you have any specific snacks, drinks or books planned?
I really don't! I want to read Anthony and Cleopatra, but I have no snacks, which is what happened to me during the last readathon which makes me really sad! I did make some cookies on Thursday, so maybe I'll have some of them...

5. What hours do you plan on reading during?
Well, since I started at 10.30, I plan to finish at 10.30, but I might just kind of keep on reading until bed, since I've already lost SO much time today... we shall see!

Update 2: 7.00pm

I'm about to take a little break to have some tea (um. The meal, not the drink. Just to be clear) and maybe watch some Olympics (but not ALL THE OLYMPICS, Laura...) but before I do that I'm going to do the second mini-challenge that Sarah JUST posted cause I'm a nerd and also AWESOME. Ahem.

So, I'm reading Antony and Cleopatra by Shakespeare, and here's a line:
"If I lose mine honour,
I lose myself: better I were not yours
Than yours so branchless." (Act 3, Scene 4)
I mean, he's trying to get away from his wife so he can go back to his lover, but still, honour, sure! Ah, Shakespeare, you crazy fool!

Update 3: 10.45pm

Sooo, I just finished Antony and Cleopatra and that looks like all I'm going to get finished today, but hey, one page of Shakespeare counts as like 5 pages of anyone else, right? I have, I calculate, read about 150 pages today, which isn't amazing, but isn't really terrible either, and I'm pleased with it, especially considering my super-failed start, and also the fact that the Olympics are on, people! I'm going to read a little bit more, basically until bedtime (which will be quite soon, I reckon) but this shall be my last update for the day, until I do the wrap-up challenge thingy tomorrow.

So, yeah! Have fun continuing to read, American people, and I shall catch you on the flip side! (You know, tomorrow.)

So Let's Wrap This Up...

I know you've just been waiting for this final wrap up thing, don't tell me you're not! Here goes:

1. How Many Books and/or pages were you able to read?
I finished one book and read about half of another, but the one I finished was Shakespeare, so... I feel like that should count for more! But in actual real life, I read about 150 pages.

2. About How Many Hours Were You Able to Read For? (Were there many distractions, breaks etc?)
Many many breaks and distractions, but I'm going to say I read for maybe 4, 4 and a half hours? I didn't really properly time myself at all, but that feels about right.

3. Do you have any likes/dislikes about the 12 hour readathon, compared to a 24 hour readathon?
I definitely still like the smaller amount of pressure with the 12 hour readathon, and especially the 'starting whenever' aspect, because I bloody hate waiting around til 1pm to start reading... Not that I'm going to stop doing the 24 hour one, but still!

4. Favourite and least favourite books read today? Favourite and least favourite challenges?
I liked both the books I read today, although I possibly didn't read the Shakespeare as 'deeply' as I like to do... But I really don't have a least favourite! And I liked all the challenges, even the one I didn't do (the taking a photo one, cause it got all dark, and I was like... hmmm.... might just leave that one)

5. Do you have any suggestions for things you'd like me to do differently for the next readathon?
I can't really think of anything, other than maybe don't do it when the Olympics are on?! Not that that should be a problem, since it'll be January and a non-Olympic year!


  1. AWESOME that Friday was the last bout of chemo for your mom. I really do hope she's doing a lot better and I'm sending happy thoughts your way :-)

    Yay! So psyched that you're joining in! I hope you have fun today.

    1. Awesome indeed! It hasn't even properly hit me yet that that bit's actually over, I don't think! But it's still awesome :)

      I am having fun! Reaaaading! I'd prefer it if I could do it outside cause, you know, it's a *summer* mini-readathon and all, but it is OF COURSE raining here. Obviously.

  2. Shakespeare! That would be fun to read ... I've decided to start doing the Rory Gilmore challenge and there's quite a bit of Shakespeare on the list.

    And you're not alone with the lack of snacks! I didn't plan anything and really should've picked up something fun. :( Oh well! I'll make do!

    Have fun!

  3. Re: Challenge #2 - Ha ha ... yes Shakespeare is a crazy fool! I remember reading a lot of his stuff in university, but I haven't touched it in years! I wonder if I can still pick it up?

    Enjoy your tea! There's a difference between the drink and a meal? I thought tea was tea!

  4. YAYYY I love reading readathon posts. Which I've mentioned before but YAYYYYY.

    Dude, if I had access to NormalPerson tv instead of just netflix and internet, I would be watching the Olympics 24/7, so IMO you showed remarkable restraint. My readathon post'd be like "Woke up, OLYMPICS ALL THE TIME, sleep."

    Speaking of which, after your kickass opening ceremonies, DAMN am I extra-glad Chicago didn't get 2016. We didn't want it anyway, because it gums up the works and costs tons, but I also really don't think we could do anything like that. So awesome.

  5. Ha ha ... yes! The Olympics were a distraction! I'm doing the Olympic Readathon which goes the duration of the Olympics ... might not reach my goal!

    Happy you participated! :)