Wednesday 27 April 2011

A to Z of Authors

One of my favourite blogs is What Red Read, mainly because its author is an amazing writer, but also because she writes about Shakespeare quite a bit in her aforementioned amazing writing. She has also introduced the world (or, ok, me) to another list that I can make and feel all joyous about- and this one's really a great one (trust me, you'll love it!) So, what I'm meant to do is pick authors with surnames starting with each letter of the alphabet that are also my favourites. I'm going to say it's pretty unrealistic to think that I'm only going like one author from each letter, but I'll try and at least pick authors that I like. Or have at least read! So, here goes:

A- Paul Auster
B- Emily Bronte (sorry Charlotte!)
C- Stephen Chbosky
D- Emily Dickinson
E- Jeffrey Eugenides
F- F Scott Fitzgerald
G- Arthur Golden
H- Nick Hornby
I- Kazuo Ishiguro
J- Henry James
K- Stephen King (obviously)
L- Harper Lee
M- Margaret Mitchell
N- Vladimir Nabokov
O- George Orwell
P- Sylvia Plath
Q- Thomas De Quincey (This counts as a Q, right?)
R- Salman Rushdie
S- John Steinbeck
T- Leo Tolstoy
U- John Updike
V- Kurt Vonnegut
W- Tennessee Williams
Y- Richard Yates
Z- Benjamin Zephaniah

There are clearly no authors whose surnames begin with X, right? Lesson learned- change surname to Xylophone, write novel, and you'll be everyone's favourite 'author-whose-surname-begins-with-X'! But this was a pretty fun list to make, I suggest you try one too!


  1. Thanks for all the kind words! I took this from another blogger, who got it from someone else and so on and so forth, I'm sure :)

    Brilliant idea to come up with an X pen name, write something and bam! everyone's favorite X author.

  2. There are authors beginning with X - I am doing an A-to-Z of authors too and have just found Qiu Xiaolong for X.