Sunday 20 March 2011

Mailbox Monday/ In My Mailbox

Sunday is, as always, a day for reflecting on the naughty books I've bought over the past week. This week I've been exceptionally good, even after 3 trips to places where there are shops, and I only bought two books, both from a library so that's even better! I have also, in addition to these books, acquired a cold this week, potentially an allergic reaction to the work I'm going to have to do this coming week and the many weeks afterwards (I got a job! So, yay! But also, boo, less time for blogging! But then again, yay, more money to buy books! There's two sides to everything...)
My favourite thing this week, though, was doubtless seeing my lovely amazing Uni friend Frances. Since we stopped living with each other (waaaah!) we don't get to see each other very much at all, so it's always a properly nice treat to see her lovely face! Go and see her blog, it is lovely and she says clever feministy and political things all the time. Also, just go and see it because I love her!
If you haven't become bored of my narrative voice yet, you might like to go over to Christina's blog, Reading Thru The Night, where I have presented a defence for Johnny Depp that nobody asked for, but that they got anyway. I also believe that it proves my far deeper love for him than Christina's, but she would tell you otherwise- I'm not sure this one's going to be settled until one of us is dead. Which can be arranged...

But anyway... I'll shut up with my self/others-promotion and actually do what we came here to do shall I?

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King
I mean, obviously I needed this book for my Stephen King Challenge! The fact that it's book number 53 on a list of 62, and I don't even have book number 9 is completely irrelevant- I mean, imagine if I didn't have it in about 2030 when I really really needed it and it was out of print and I could never find it ever again? Exactly. It would be terrible, and now I don't even have to worry and I can sleep at night again!

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein
I read Klein's No Logo over the summer and I was completely blown away by it. It was just a complete fight back against everything that is wrong with our world (slave labour so that we can have nice things, the labels you wear being more important than who you are, companies making mega bucks off of all the rest of us, all kinds of shit like that) and if you haven't read it yet I am personally recommending it to you as being more important than anything I've reviewed on here before, seriously. Anyway, I figured that The Shock Doctrine would be just as important and groundbreaking and hard hitting as No Logo, especially considering that it covers the fact that the people in power are able to cash in on natural disasters, wars, and things like that, so that while people are busy suffering and dying, they are getting richer. Expect me to read this in about a day, and write a completely ranting review, horrified at the actions of such people (as is my usual response).

So, that's the books I got this week! Since I've just finished Clark Gable: A Biography, I'll finally be able to take a book back to the library too! At last, my time has come! Or something...

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  1. LOL, don't think that I can't send some vicious puddin' eatin' hit men across seas. :P

  2. Eeeeep! Scared now! And I still don't know what pudding is!!

  3. The cover of Colorado Kid is fantastic.

  4. I listened to The Colarado Kid and loved it. It was very different that other books of King's that I have read, not really scary or spooky, just mysterious. The narrator added a lot with his voices for the characters. Hope you enjoy it.

  5. I haven't read that King book, but have seen it crop up a few times recently.
    Good on you for buying from the library.

    Oh, and Depp is MINE... sorry.

  6. inknchai, I think you must be mistaken! Do you love the Depp enough to write a really really long treatise defending him from people who may or may not exist only in my mind?

    I didn't think so. I win, except in mental health stakes, and then I'd have to concede victory to you...