Tuesday 8 March 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Ah, the Tuesdays seem to roll around so fast these days. So fast, in fact, that I completely forgot that this week's list even existed. Fortunately, I had already written most of it about a week ago (cause that's just how cool I am) so I can totally give you a list today. As always, thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this opportunity for me to make lists and do nothing useful!

Top Ten Dynamic Duos

1. Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell- Because, onscreen and in the book, there are no greater parts of this story than the bits where Rhett and Scarlett are together, being nasty to each other or just being witty and amazing, or even just kissing. You know they're amazing, don't lie!
2. Thelma and Louise- Never has a friendship been better than that between Thelma and Louise. They definitely have their disagreements, but you know that, in the end, they will always be there for each other, and will have each others backs. While the end of this film does horrify me, their attitudes towards it seem to be that they're in it together, until the very end (this will make sense if you actually watch the film, it just sounds annoyingly cryptic now, I know!)

3. Danny and Dick Hallorann from The Shining by Stephen King- They are separated for large portions of the book, but sharing a skill as they do, they are essentially the soulmates of the novel. I love the rapport that they are able to strike up in the relatively few minutes they are together, and it is touching how far Dick will go to help Danny out. Just, don't talk to me about the film, ok? It's just SO wrong!

4. President Bartlet and Leo McGarry from The West Wing- I honestly don't know how these two could live without each other, even though that is something that they do eventually have to face. The president describes Leo as his best friend, and "I'm not the kind of man who has best friends." And I crumple into a heap on the floor and start sobbing inconsolably. They are completely amazing, and they work together so well!

5. Roland and Eddie from The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King- I know you could definitely say that Roland and Jake are the pair, or even Eddie and Susannah, but I automatically think of this partnership when I think of these books. I think it's as simple as this- Eddie is the person who Roland helps to change the most, who helps to shape him into what he was always meant to be, and I think that's one of the biggest benefits of a friendship. Also, I love Eddie and Roland both so deeply!

6. Prior and Belize from Angels in America by Tony Kushner- When Prior's world is completely crumbling around him, and his (evil) boyfriend has abandoned him, Belize is the one person he has left who is there for him completely. He takes care of him, worries about him, and generally is just the best friend you've ever had. Louis totally makes him look good, but he does most of the work of looking good by himself. A completely wonderful friendship. (See my review of Angels in America here)

7. Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield from the Sweet Valley High Series by Francine Pascal- I know that, looking back, these two have somehow become really really annoying, but when I was younger and more impressionable, I thought it would be amazing to have a twin, with whom you could share everything and never be judged. To be fair to them though, when these two worked together, there was nothing they couldn't do, no problem they couldn't solve, and that to me makes them a very dynamic duo indeed!

8. Tyler Durden and 'Jack'/The Narrator from Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk- I know that if you've read the book/seen the film, then you'll see a pretty particular problem with this pairing. Nonetheless, Tyler teaches Jack so much about the world and about himself, and he would be pretty indispensable in his life. What Jack gives back in return is hard to say, but it is clear that the pair are inseparable, to the extent that Jack gets completely jealous if Tyler expresses anything like affection to another person ("I am Jack's broken heart") They're messed up, but completely adorable.

9. McMurphy and Chief Bromden from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey- Ah, yes. A friendship that has such a bittersweet ending that I don't quite know what to do with myself when I read it. Nonetheless, McMurphy has this amazing ability to make the Chief live again, properly and without any need for medication or fear. He does all this for a lot of the other patients too, but its effects are best felt on the Chief, probably mostly because he is our narrator. (My review of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is here)

10. Jo and Laurie from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott- My absolute favourite friendship ever! I so wish I had had a friend like Laurie (or, in fact, Jo) growing up, and I love how close they are able to become merely by ignoring the conventions of the day and just by doing what they want to do. I will still  never get over the way the film ends, but I am willing to accept the fact that Laurie and Jo will absolutely be friends until the day they die, which is good enough for me (also, they will never die, so they will be friends forever- awesome!)

So those are my top ten dynamic duos. How about you? Any friendships struck up in books that you can't get out of your head? Tell me below!


  1. Jo and Laurie is a wonderful choice. Nice list!

    I decided to focus this time on oppositional duos in children's books. Here's my post: http://readerbuzz.blogspot.com/2011/03/top-ten-dynamic-duos.html

  2. Thelma and Louise...my FAVORITE dynamic duo...I would've included them had they been in a book instead of a movie.

  3. @Ms Dawn Hehe, I do tend to ignore the rules just a tiny bit, because I like to review films here too! but mostly I'm good! hehe

  4. These are great, and I especially adore that you included the Wakefield twins. I was *just* thinking about them this past weekend. LOL, maybe I'll have to open up one of the books and revisit their drama.

  5. Oooh, I hadn't thought of Roland and Eddie - great choice!

    Check out my Top Ten

  6. I love that you put Bartlet and Leo on your list. I thought about including Sam and Josh, but I ended up with only book characters.

  7. Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield! How could I forget about them? They were my 1992 obsession! Great picks!

    New follower :)
    Jess @ Gone with the Words

  8. @Christina- you sooo should read some sweet valley high- ultimate escape from reality hehehe!

  9. "You need kissing, badly, and by someone who knows how.."
    .. a favorite line from that movie, in addition to the times in which Rhett is self-deprecatory.

  10. I love Rhett and Scarlett!!! Jo and Laurie are another great pair!

  11. Aww, I thought Thelma and Louise might have been a book but I just didn't know about it...then realized you mixed in movies and TV too.

  12. Jo and Laurie are a great dynamic duo, and I almost used Jessica and Elizabeth from Sweet Valley High. :) Those two and Beezus and Ramona were my most memorable pairs of siblings as a kid. Thank you for visiting my blog and happy reading!


  13. great choices, pls stop and see mine.

  14. I love that you included the Wakefields!

  15. Love that you include Jo and Laurie--and Jessica and Elizabeth! Sweet Valley love!

  16. I thought about using Fight Club but I've only seen the movie.

    Here is my list http://hawthornescarlet.blogspot.com/2011/03/top-ten-tuesday-it-takes-two.html

  17. Jo and Laurie rock! I would never have thought of some of the duos you thought of. Great list!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!