Wednesday 16 February 2011

I Miss Heath Ledger So Much!

I mean, it goes without saying really. But I just went on YouTube for a completely different purpose (finding Bob Dylan performances) and they recommended this video, that I can't believe I've never seen before; and didn't in fact watch nearly 2 years ago (especially since I LOVE awards ceremonies, for some unknowable reason. Also unknowable-why I can't upload the video to this site. But oh well). In any case, this just made me cry a lot, since I still can't really process the idea that Heath Ledger is actually dead, choosing instead to believe that he's merely taking a break from movie making and is doing something incredible somewhere, probably Australia. I'm hoping that, in some way, that's actually true. I was ok for a bit, but then the audience all got me too- Kate Winslet, Brad and Angelina all looked so anguished for his poor family, and I think Anne Hathaway was actually crying. It's all just so heartbreakingly sad, still, over 3 years on from his death. I can't even begin to imagine how sad his family must still be, or how tragic for his little girl growing up without her father.

This is how I like to remember him, in one of my favourites of all his fabulous incarnations:

Movies miss you a whole lot, Heath.


  1. I miss him too! He was such a wonderful actor.I love the video!

  2. :( I miss him too. I loved Ten Things I Hate About You. He was an amazing actor.

  3. Glad to knoow I'm not alone- but sad that we're all sad now :(